The other market of the stars

Although all eyes are on Mbappé and Haaland, there are several elite forwards who are willing to change teams this summer.


For a couple of months, Mbappé and Haaland monopolize almost all the covers that have to do with the next transfer market. Their movements in the summer, if they occur, will undoubtedly be the most expensive and media operations of the year, but they are not the only stars whose change of scenery will cause talk. In Europe, other top-tier big forwards have already decided to change teams or are going to be forced to leave, causing the 'goal map' to turn 180 degrees across the continent. This is the case of Lukaku, Kane, Agüero, Giroud, Morata, Icardi, Dyabala or Dzeko, for example, whose future would be front-page news if it were not for the thematic oligopoly that Haaland and Mbappé have set up in the press.Agüero

Ten seasons later, Agüero will leave Manchester City after he has decided not to renew his contract, which ends on June 30. It has been rumored that Barcelona could be his destiny, especially because Laporta wants to make a project around Messi to convince him to stay. United prepares a revolution next season and has also probed the Argentine, in addition to Chelsea, who is leaving Giroud, and the greats of Italy. Juventus is looking for a profile similar to his to accompany Cristiano while Inter, in crisis, needs to sell one of its stars (Lukaku and Lautaro) and sign at zero cost.Lukaku

Despite the excellent sporting results to come, Inter need to make money this season to balance their accounts and they need to sell one of their stars before June 30, as Corriere dello Sport advanced a few weeks ago. According to the Italian media, the most feasible option is to make cash with Lukaku, whom the club has valued at 120 million. Although Inter would like him to continue on sporting merits, if someone arrives with that amount, the Belgian will leave the Nerazzurri entity, in which he is making history.Kane

Kane's case is completely the opposite of Lukaku's. While the player wants to go to a great in Europe, Tottenham will do everything possible to retain him. Daniel Levy, the top SPUR president, has assured that he does not intend to let the English striker out for less than 200 million euros, and with the background he has when negotiating, it seems almost impossible for him to get out of the car. It has sounded slightly for Madrid if the options of Haaland and Mbappé fail, but the most real possibility is that he will end up at PSG if Mbappé leaves. Pochettino knows him very well and with him he gave his best performance. The City is also an option.Morata

Everything indicates that Juventus will not exercise the purchase option on Morata, for which he already paid 10 million to Atlético for his transfer. Although the performance of the Spanish is being very good and in Turin they are happy with him, the vecchia signora cannot face an expense of 45 million for his signing due to the economic crisis suffered by Serie A. Atlético will have to decide in summer if you want to keep him on the staff or on the contrary, find him a new buyer.Icardi

The name of Mauro Icardi will once again be one of the agitators of the next market. According to Gazzetta, PSG does not consider it essential and Juventus wants to test the Argentine although his financial problems do not allow him much room for maneuver. It is suggested that the Turinese leaders would be more interested in a chip exchange than in a pure and simple transfer. Something like they did with Arthur last summer with Barcelona. Rome and Naples are also interested.


Giroud lives his last weeks as a Chelsea player. The Frenchman ends his contract this summer and according to the Daily Mail, his agents met a few weeks ago with Roma sports director Tiago Pinto to talk about a possible arrival this summer. The option to renew with Chelsea seems quite unlikely. Tuchel barely has him so his departure is almost assured. If he signed for Roma, it would be to replace Dzeko, whom the Giallorossi are desperately seeking a way out due to his very high salary.

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