The Nets already rule in the East ... but James Harden is injured

Kyrie and Harris lead the comeback of the Nets that trailed 18 in the first quarter. Harden does not finish the game against his former team due to injury.


For the first time since 2003, the Nets are the solo leaders of the East, now 33-15 to 32-15 for the Sixers (mid-game) and 30-17 for the Bucks. They are the trio of teams that should fight for the Conference with the Heat (now one world: 24-24) as a possible guest in a fight in which it is increasingly difficult to imagine, even glancingly, the Celtics. The Nets beat the Rockets (120-108), who (13-34) are getting closer and closer to being the worst team in the NBA in a game that, at least, had more history than expected.

Partly because the Nets fell asleep and lost, you had to rub your eyes, 6-24 after just five minutes. And 29-42 at the end of the first quarter. The real reaction did not come until after the break, first with a 12-0 in the third quarter (to go from -13 to 81-82) and then with another identical partial, and already definitive, in the central section of the last room. 95-101 and 107-101, already without a James Harden who left the game against his former team due to a calf injury. He had added 17 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists and now we will have to see how ugly the injury is, although at first the news does not seem worrying. The Nets have been without Durant since mid-February and LaMarcus Aldridge has yet to make his debut. Of course, Kyrie Irving pulled the car (31 + 6 + 12) and the Claxton worker, Blake Griffin (11 + 6 + 4) and a decisive Joe Harris appeared: 28 points, 6 rebounds, 7/12 in triples.

That's 19 wins in 22 games for the Nets, even though the big three have barely shared the court yet. And it is a 26-9 since the arrival of James Harden, who orphaned a Rockets who are there, in the midst of an identity crisis and thinking about how the reconstruction will be: John Wall was out, Christian Wood continues to enter and leave due to injuries after his exceptional start to the season (this time 14 points and 8 rebounds) and Kevin Porter Jr finished with 20 points and 6 assists while the newcomers put what they could on their part: 14 points Olynyk, 11 Augustin, 8 Bradley ...

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