The mythical Isiah Thomas surrenders to Doncic: "I saw it and I thought ... wow"

The NBA turns over with its Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturday, Doncic hosts the Wizards (in #Vamos). On Sunday, Clippers-Lakers at Movistar Deportes.


One of the great bases in history, Isiah Thomas was the leader and reference of the Bad Boys, the very tough Detroit Pistons team that won two rings (1989 and 1990) in the Finals against Lakers and Blazers, which bridged the gap between the It was Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and it was Michael Jordan. And the one that, in addition, beat those three teams in the playoffs: Jordan's Bulls (whom they tormented for years in the playoffs with a very tough defensive scheme, the Jordan Rules), Bird's Celtics and Magic's Lakers, against whom They won the 1989 Final after losing, one of the best fights ever for the ring, that of 1988, resolved in seven games and with a prodigious performance by Isiah himself, in the sixth, in the old Forum and with an ankle injury .

Isiah, who later became a coach (Pacers) and executive (Raptors, Knicks) in the NBA, is a perfect observer of the past, present and future of the NBA, and has shelled the first impressions he had when seeing a cast of players who go from Magic and Bird to current Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic. He has done it before the NBA weekend games, some appointments, the NBA Saturdays and NBA Sundays, with very interesting duels at optimal times for the European public. This Saturday, although already a little late (01:00), Movistar + will broadcast through #Vamos the Dallas Mavericks-Washington Wizards, the opportunity to see Luka Doncic in front of an explosive outside game, which is made up of Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal . On Sunday, at the ideal time (9:30 p.m.) there is a great game for Movistar Deportes, the Los Angeles Clippers-Lakers derby, which has been diminished by the losses of LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the current champion.

One of the players on whom the mythical Isiah (twelve times all star) recalled how his first impression was is, of course, Luka Doncic: “The first time I saw him it was… 'wow'. A point guard of that size, with that gift to pass the ball, who is so competitive, who has an outside shot ... I don't know how good it will be when he is 26 or 27 years old. On another Balkan, Nikola Jokic, he does not skimp on flattery either: “I remember my first impression was that he was very different, different. She didn't jump, she didn't run fast… but she was always there and made things happen. I talked about him with former player Scott Hastings, who played for the Nuggets, and I remember him telling me to look at that kid because he was going to change the way we understand the center position. And the more I see him, the more I realize how talented he is as a passer, he has a gift. It's incredible, a real star (the real deal). ”

Going backwards, it is Vlade Divac's turn: “I remember first seeing Divac and Kukoc in national team matches. They were very good, very young, they were changing basketball. They changed it later. Kukoc is an underrated player and Vlade was another great passer and he became a winner. " And then, of course, the great European reference, Dirk Nowitzki: “The first thing that caught my attention was that soft German touch, the ability to shoot with that size he had, the mechanics so pure, it was something we had not seen. I remember I really enjoyed watching him win the ring, with the Mavericks in Miami, and how he went to the locker room at the beginning of the celebration, without stopping to cry and to compose himself. He was the first European who had led a franchise to the ring, he had been under so much pressure… it is one of the best memories I have of him. ”

Finally, Isiah has also described the Magic-Bird couple. He defines the first as “a champion, a great player who had everything on the court” and Bird recognizes the enormous impact it had on him: “I saw him and I thought, 'damn it, this one knows how to play'. And he also had that extreme competitiveness ... that was the first thing I thought. The last I saw of him was that he became a great teacher, an excellent mentor. ”

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