The Monbus Obradoiro breathes with an incredible comeback

The Galician team beat Baxi Manresa with a 10-0 run in the last two minutes. Kassius Robertson, key: 23 points, 11 in the fourth quarter.


Monbus Obradoiro took a giant step towards permanence this Saturday after beating Baxi Manresa (90-87) in a duel in which they signed an epic comeback in the last two minutes with a partial 10-0, led by the Canadian guard Kassius Robertson (23 points, 11 in the fourth quarter) .

With a triple recital, Manresa knocked out Obradoiro in the first half. It was an offensive display by Pedro Martínez's team, led by a great Frankie Ferrari (18 points, 4/5 from 3-pointers at halftime) .

Moncho Fernández's men could do little in the face of the excellence of the away game at the start. They reacted to 2-8 with a 4-0 run, but Manresa soon took off again with a scandalous 6-18 that gave them a maximum income of 14 points before reaching the first break.

With advantages ranging between ten and fourteen points, Manresa played until the break (39-49), thanks to their remarkable efficiency from the three-point line. With 11 of 13 in triples he destroyed the Galician defense.

It was a want and not power of the Santiago people, who in the third quarter exploited their dominance in the paint to reach six (45-51) despite their 0/8 in triples. Obradoiro maintained his defensive intensity, and Manresa turned off in attack.

That excellent defense and a choral game, coinciding with Ozmizrak's return to the court, allowed him to complete his comeback. Pedro Martínez called a time-out (57-57, min, 26). The basket exchange kept the same until Matt Janning came on the scene. Three of his triples and six points from Makai Mason returned the ten-point lead to Manresa (63-73, min.30) .

But Obradoiro, whose life was lost in the crash, did not let up. With an 11-0 start in three minutes, including two 2 + 1 actions from his interiors, he managed to turn the scoreboard. Ferrari unblocked theirs with a triple, and the Galicians rushed with two very forced triples. Eatherton, after an offensive rebound, oxygenated Manresa.

Moncho Fernández stopped the game (76-78, min.34), his rival extended his income to six and Robertson, after several attempts, made his first triple (79-82). Czerapowicz failed to equalize and Scott Eatherton continued to dominate under the rim. Another time-out of the Galician technician.

His team approached, but Ferrari punished him (81-87, min.38). Moncho, desperate, asked for time out. Czerapowicz, with a quick triple, showed the way to victory. Two good defenders and Robertson's wrist sealed the comeback.

The Canadian even had two free throws to certify the win, but missed the second. Manresa, with twelve seconds to prepare his attack, failed to force the extension. He missed both of his pitches. Golden victory for the Galicians.

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