The loan box for the loaners: € 176 M to pay Haaland or Mbappé

The transfer of some of the players that Madrid has on loan to other teams can help finance the signing of one of the galacticos.


Whoever has a loan, has a treasure. In the case of Real Madrid, jewels valued at 176 million euros. That is, in addition, the appraisal in the market of the nine footballers that the white club has assigned to other teams, according to the specialized portal Transfermarkt. Assets that represent practically a quarter of the value of the workforce (valued at 745.5 million euros) that Zidane has at his command.

Some assignments that serve to continue the process of training players who are expected to find accommodation in the short or medium term in the first team or as a showcase to revalue the players for a future transfer. With that second perspective, last summer Madrid raised 85 million euros from the sales of Achraf (€ 40 million from Inter), Reguilón (30 from Tottenham) and Óscar Rodríguez (15 from Sevilla). Players without a gap in the team who last season shone on loan at Dortmund, Sevilla and Leganés respectively and whose transfers helped to weather the impact on the club's accounts of the crisis derived from the pandemic.

A strategy that can help finance the big operations that Madrid has in hand for the next market: the signings of Mbappé and Haaland. Dortmund rates Haaland at 180 million euros, according to ESPN; The price of Mbappé, one year after the end of his contract with PSG, can be around 150 million euros.

Although not all the loans are destined to make cash (the two best appraised, the Gunners Odegaard and Ceballos are called to return), the cases are particular. For example, Bale's. Madrid 'placed' him in Tottenham with the intention that the Welshman recover his cache and obtain revenues from a transfer before his contract with the white entity ends in June 2022. The departure of the British is an operation that, in addition of the income from the sale, it would save the gross token of 30 million euros that the footballer's salary represents for the Madrid coffers. A relief for the club's accounts that would release salary mass for a galactic future.

A frozen cache

Madrid has loaned nine players. Mayoral is the only one whose market value has rebounded in its current destination. That of Parla has been revalued in Rome, where it was priced at 10 million euros and the forward's label already shows 14 million. The rest have not rebounded in their current destinations, although in the case of Odegaard, Jovic and Kubo have been little more than two months, without time to evaluate their performance. Vallejo is the only one whose value has fallen. His appraisal has been reduced by half since he arrived at Granada in 2020 (the two clubs renewed his loan last summer).

In the past, Achraf and Odegaard used their loans to gain value. The Spanish-Moroccan was valued at 5 million when he started his 'Erasmus' at Dortmund. It returned valued at € 54 million, almost eleven times more. The Norwegian's performance at the Royal Society tripled in value, from 15 to 45 million euros. These are two of the biggest increases, in absolute terms, registered by Transfermarkt in loan players. They are only beaten by two other loans. The biggest rise, that of Mbappé, is a trap, because in his first season at PSG he officially played on loan from Monaco for an accounting engineering matter. The second in the ranking is Luka Jovic, whose value grew 58 million during the time that Benfica transferred it to Eintracht, which ended up activating his purchase option on the Serbian striker.

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