The Lakers, jinxed: Drummond is injured and Marc loses the place

The Bucks win with authority as the rickety Lakers merge in attack. Drummond only lasts a few minutes healthy.


If you need a metaphor of how this season is being for the Lakers, Andre Drummond's debut seems perfect: a few minutes on the court ... and injury. The center forced out in a rickety attack without LeBron James or Anthony Davis (2/6 shooting, 3 losses), transmitted some energy in his first defenses ... and completely lost the nail of his big toe when Brook Lopez hit him. he stepped after a jump still in the first quarter. Then he tried to continue playing ... but he had to leave the game, very limping. Finally less than 15 minutes on the track (at least half already touched) due to a problem that Markieff Morris assured that he had suffered and that he had no time off but with more than a month of a lot of pain and no sense of normality.

Another stroke of bad luck for the Lakers, who have been without Anthony Davis since February 15 (20 games already) and since March 20 (six games) without LeBron. And that against the Bucks (97-112 final) they lived again the reality of playing without stars: it does not come to them, whatever they do. At least they saved the furniture with their wins against the Cavaliers and Magic because curves are coming: visit Sacramento against some Kings in good line and fighting for the play in and then game against the Clippers before going East to play against the Heat, Nets, Hornets ... two weeks without playing at home and without news, surely, from Davis and LeBron. So it's a matter of seeing how far the champion falls in the Western standings. Now it holds, 30-18, but what comes will surely be ugly. The Bucks are similar by numbers, 30-17, but with better feelings although behind the Nets and Sixers. The East is something else, of course.

Drummond, as announced, debuted with a place in the starting five. The first relief was Montrezl Harrell and, even with the injury of the newcomer (and without Davis, of course), Marc Gasol did not step on the track until the beginning of the last quarter, with the game already broken (75-89) and the Lakers leaving down the drain after a promising (and unreal) start to the game. Marc played (well) six minutes, with the Lakers trying an impossible comeback, which did not even show beyond some makeup, and sat down again. After the game he did not want to speak, the LA press echoed it and his situation seems definitely rarefied, despite the good words of Frank Vogel and that the buyout rumors did not seem concrete. We will see how things turn out with the possible loss of Drummond.

Wesley Matthews, another veteran with a thousand battles on his back, acknowledged after the game that it was not easy to handle the situation that Marc had to deal with and pointed to the professionalism of the Spanish in managing his minutes and his role in this game ... and of the news and rumors of the last days.

The Lakers indulged themselves in the first quarter (they managed 28-18, final 30-24), in which they defended with intensity and scored 8 triples for an 8/13 that showed a common problem in the Bucks, who overload aids them and lets shooters free. In the middle of the second quarter the game was even (47-47) but the inertia was already turning completely. In the middle of the third the logic (56-71) was at ease for Staples. A huge Jrue Holiday (28 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals) and a fine Khris Middleton (17 + 6 + 8) made very difficult shots when the Lakers defense still had faith. From there, the Angelenos collapsed as lower teams usually do, from the certainty that defeat was certain. And it was. Giannis Antetokounmpo hit (25 + 10 + 4) with many losses (9) and trips to the personnel line with those penetrations that seem nowhere and that work better in the regular season than in the playoffs.

Right now there is a gulf between the Lakers and the Bucks. From that initial 8/13, the Angelenos signed a horrendous 2/23 in triples, the confirmation of their terrible problems in attack. Things about a team thought to play around its megastars, obviously, and that has been without them for a long time. Without more ... but with the feeling that Dennis Schröder could do more, especially if, as has been leaked, he is rejecting extension offers in the range of 20 million per year. Kuzma failed a lot, Caldwell-Pope still does not have anything close to a decent level of success and the Lakers were running out of arguments, naked. This is how things are with a terrible calendar in sight, constant bad news in the infirmary and we will see if a strange situation with Marc Gasol. Bad Times.

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