The Joventut assaults the Fonteta

Seven players from La Penya reached ten points with a very inspired Pau Ribas (17 goals and 6/8 in field goals). Valencia paid for the European effort.


A solid Joventut took this Sunday a remarkable victory on the court of a Valencia Basket that continues with its mind and energy put in the Euroleague and added a victory that included the recovery of the particular 'basket average' and that will allow it to play the team de la Fonteta the sixth place in the classification.

The two teams started relaxed in defense (no foul in the first six minutes of matches) and happy in attack, with Pau Ribas feeding the visitors' scoreboard and Mike Tobey doing the same with the locals (14-17, m. 7) .

The rotation, especially the entry into the court by Guillem Vives, allowed Valencia to take the initiative of the game but the change of room and his lack of defensive toughness allowed Nenad Dimitrijevic to get into the clash, connect with Ante Tomic and widen his advantage (24-30, m.12) .

But Valencia remained comfortable in that script, in large part because Klemen Prepelic's points gave him air and although he continued without tension behind (he made his first foul after almost fourteen minutes of play) his offensive quality allowed him to turn the crash around (37-35, m.15) .

In order not to get off the hook, Penya took refuge in his good percentage of three (he scored six of the first nine he tried) and, regaining his pace, a couple of actions by Dimitrijevic allowed him to reach the break ahead without the locals doing anything to prevent it (43-47, m.20) .

The lack of local tension did not alter the passage through the changing rooms and seeing their opportunity to change the game, Joventut accelerated to take their advantage beyond ten points (46-58, m.23). Valencia changed the indolence for some anxiety and the match 'stopped' with the two teams as aware of their actions as those of the referees.

Five points in a row from Van Rossom helped the hosts reengage but Dimitrijevic's return gave Joventut momentum to reach the end of the quarter with a promising lead (62-71, m.30) .

Carles Duran's team controlled Valencia's attempt to narrow the score and a triple by Morgan took the green-black lead to fourteen points and Jaume Ponsarnau to stop the clash with a time-out that did not alter anything. His team ran out of power without anything preventing him (64-84, m.34) .

When the defeat was no longer in question, but the 'average' (which was estimated at eleven points), Valencia woken up and Labeyrie's points allowed them to get into that fight. But Joventut kept calm with Ribas and Bassas at the controls, fed Dawson and gave the last ball to Dimitrijevic so that with a basket he sealed that 'Second victory' and assured him that if he wins his postponement in Burgos he will climb to a sixth place, which Valencia has 'facilitated' with four defeats in a row.

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