The improvements come to Ferrari

From Italy he affirms that the SF21 will present new features in Imola to increase the load on the rear and the interaction with the tires.


"A step has been taken compared to 2020, but we want to fight for victories." These statements by Charles Leclerc after finishing sixth in the 2021 Bahrain GP perfectly summarize the ambition and optimism that reign in Gestione Sportiva. Because after a horrible 2020 where the red cars succumbed to the progress of Red Bull, McLaren, Racing Point (Aston Martin) and Renault (Alpine), Ferrari has not only verified in the Sakhir appointment that the SF21 has recovered much of This disadvantage, but has enough potential to settle, again, as the third in contention on the grid of the Great Circus.

An extra performance that will begin to be unlocked at the 2021 Emilia-Romagna GP, to the joy of Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. 'La Gazzetta Dello Sport' and 'Motorsport Italia' point out that the Prancing Horse technicians will introduce various updates to the flat bottom at the Imola event, in the style of Mercedes and Aston Martin, to gain downforce, as well as it is not ruled out that also incorporate the new McLaren diffuser if the data from the Maranello wind tunnel finally show noticeable progress.The development of the Ferrari SF21 will stop in Barcelona or Monaco

Similarly, the 'layer' under the nose and the cooling ducts of the brakes will undergo minor modifications in their design to accelerate the flow of air towards the rear and improve the interaction with Pirelli tires, while Enrico Gualtieri's department works against the clock to renew some parts of the 065/6 engine not homologated by the FIA and gain some horsepower that will put him behind the slipstream of Mercedes and Honda.

A development that will end in Barcelona or Monaco, since from the summer and once the final drawings of the chassis, mechanics and gearbox of the next season's machine have been delivered to the highest body of motorsport, all Ferrari engineers will focus their efforts to build a cutting-edge car in northern Italy that will allow the Prancing Horse to open a winning cycle in the championship from 2022 and make the Monegasque's wish come true: to fight for victories in every race. And win them, by the way. Already placed to order.

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