The extraordinary four-leaf clover of Raúl de Tomás

The Espanyol striker aspires to the second top scorer, to improve his record, to surpass Marañón and Juncosa, and to his first hat-trick as a parakeet.


Raúl de Tomás has recently come out with a double for the day, against Fuenlabrada (4-0) and in Albacete (0-3) only in the last week. Goals that raise Espanyol to the leadership of the Second Division, that bring him closer to the goal of returning to the First Division and that pose not one but up to four challenges for a striker as insatiable as Madrid, who always wants more and has nine games to play. make history. An exceptional four-leaf clover.

The first and most obvious of the challenges is his fight for the top scorer in the silver category, which is getting closer and closer thanks to his paired targets. Currently, he has reached 20 goals, so he has far surpassed Umar Sadik, from Almería, who has 15, and is on the heels of Uros Djurdjevic, the director of Sporting de Gijón, with 21 goals after the Sunday he will score against Mirandés. Since he turned pro, he has never been able to win the De Tomás top gunner award, despite his great records. "Achieving the 'top scorer' would be an individual challenge; I am a very winning person and I am going to fight for it," he acknowledged after Albacete-Espanyol.

And therein lies his second challenge: exceeding his top scorer, which is situated in the 24 that he was able to score with Rayo Vallecano in the 2017-18 season, also in Second, and that earned him to overcome Borja Iglesias (which earned the 'Panda' his signing for Espanyol) and Sergi Guardiola (both, with 22) but not to even overshadow Jaime Mata, who was awarded the 'top scorer' with 33. With his current figures, the Espanyol striker yes He has surpassed the rest of his seasons in the Second and First Division, where he also scored 14 at Rayo two years ago.If he equaled or improved his 24 goals in the 2017-18 season, Raúl de Tomás will have fulfilled another historical goal, which is to become the Espanyol footballer who has scored the most goals in the same season. Last Thursday he beat precisely the top scorer in the Second Division, Cayetano Ré, who in the 1969-70 season scored 17, and now - after surpassing Raúl Tamudo's 19 in the 2003-04 academic year - he has the two top gunners ahead of history perica: 22 goals by José Juncosa in LaLiga 1942-43 and Rafa Marañón in 1976-77.

Finally, but no less importantly, against Albacete and especially against Fuenlabrada it was perceived that Raúl de Tomás seeks to certify a hat-trick, which in both cases he prowled, but which resists him with the Espanyol shirt. He did so as a professional four times with Rayo Vallecano, the last one in the First Division on January 11, 2019 against Celta de Vigo. Now he hopes to convert it to return to the top flight, but dressed in blue and white.

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