The defenses of Viñales and Mir

The MotoGP World Championship repeats in Qatar for the second consecutive week, with Maverick as the first leader, as in 2017, and Mir ready to come back.


The MotoGP World Championship repeats in Qatar for the second consecutive week, so last Sunday's premiere serves perfectly as a reference of what can happen again, although in reality nothing too different happened to what usually always happens in Losail. The start of the championship traced the antecedents and statistics of this circuit. Maverick Viñales won on a Yamaha, a motorcycle that dominates this scenario with nine victories, out of five for Ducati. The Italian team completed the podium with Johann Zarco, who set a top speed record of 362.4 km / h, and Pecco Bagnaia, who took pole. This Ducati bonus ousted the champion, Joan Mir, from the box on the last straight, with a double overtaking that caused jokes on Suzuki's social networks: "Could you please return our stickers?" The Japanese bike is not doing much for Losail, as shown by its collection of fourth places as best results. The history of Qatar, as we said, was reissued on Sunday. And this week comes another chapter.

The precedents serve as orientation and guide, but in elite sport no one is predestined to start. The Suzuki made a discreet qualification, with the ninth place of Álex Rins and the tenth of Mir. That helps little for Sunday, despite their recognized ability to come back. The champion came to occupy the second place, which says a lot about his driving, at the same time that he sends the message that he is going to sell his defense of the title very expensive. And with regard to defenses, Viñales leads the World Cup opening for the second time in his career. It already happened to him in 2017, in a season in which he was fighting for the crown in the first part of the calendar. Maverick will have learned from that too. History repeats itself, but history is there to change.

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