The corridor derby in Anoeta

Athletic pays tribute to Real Sociedad, the Cup champion, but also yearns for revenge. Imanol hides the call until today.


Marcelino settled the debate yesterday: "We will make the hall to the champion, as appropriate." Such an honor will be paid to Real Sociedad, as Cup champion, although in the current era there are those who consider it something humiliating, in part because of those who have had to do with each other Madrid and Barcelona, due to the enormous rivalry between the two . The lions were already elegant on Saturday at La Cartuja and today they will add another gesture (follow the game live on

It could not be otherwise with the club that made the first corridor in Spanish football, in 1970. The protagonists were two teams that share roots, something that helped to produce that gesture sir. Athletic honored Atlético in the Cup for having won the League. Iribar, Clemente, Luis Aragonés and Gárate were present.

After that brief act, the derby is repeated, with the intention of revenge by the rojiblancos, who have bit the dust this year again in addition to Friday, New Year's Eve, which left Garitano sentenced.

Jokes have flown from one point to another on the AP-68 these days. The celebration of Illarra's trumpet, in the Villalibre style, has not been amusing in Bilbao; and the mockery of Remiro and Llopis, txuri-urdin goalkeeping coach imitating Williams and his celebration when he won the Super Cup. But the relationship between the two templates is good. Athletic knew how to lose with great elegance in Seville and Íñigo Martínez and captain Muniain stood out above the rest.

The lineups are going to vary with respect to La Cartuja. For starters Silva has fallen injured again, with a muscle strain, and will try to recover for the final stretch of the season. Nor is Illarramendi, so the realistic midfield is greatly affected. Imanol has hidden the call until today.

Another historic challenge awaits La Real: they have not qualified for Europe for two years in a row since that 1980s champion team with Ormaetxea. Now he fights it with Betis and Villarreal. The seventh can be without a prize if the Biscayan win the final of 17.

Marcelino left in La Cartuja part of the immense credit that he won on the same stage less than three months ago with the Super Cup. He is very sunk, like the team. They promise a brief truce with the hall. Then they will wage war.

The people of Bilbao already had their corridor

Athletic will do tonight what two other clubs have given it this season: Ibiza did the corridor on January 21, in the round of 32 of the Cup, four days after winning the Super Cup against him Barcelona. And Getafe also had that gesture in the return to the League, six days after La Cartuja's title. Curiously, the azulón team paid tribute to the lions while Marcelino hurried to leave the dressing room towards his bench. The reason? His bad relationship with Bordalás. Thus he avoided having to greet him. Now there is another Cup final on 17. If Athletic wins it, Betis will make the corridor. If Barça does, it will be Getafe again.

Marcelino summoned the team in Lezama on Monday to cloister themselves, chat about the lost final and close ranks. The squad is very touched and tried to lift their spirits. Many eyes will focus today on the referee, after the rojiblanco discomfort with Estrada Fernández in the final on Saturday. "The game was very poorly directed by the referee; he cannot be happy with his performance," Marcelino said. The Lorca Sánchez Martínez will be at today's meeting, his fifth Basque derby since he arrived at Primera. La Real adds with him three victories (one, the first leg in December) and the rojiblancos, one.

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