The coronavirus conditions the visit of the Mirandés to El Molinón-Quini

Manu García and Djuka return to a Sporting that is looking for three important points to continue looking up against an opponent without José Alberto on the bench.


The Molinón-Quini hosts a match conditioned by the effects of the coronavirus, which has hit the visitor of this day in a massive way at the Gijon stadium. Sporting is looking for three important points to continue looking towards the top of the table against a Mirandés depleted by the numerous infections by COVID-19, among them, the Asturian coach, José Alberto López, who has seen his return home truncated (Follow the meeting live on .

Sporting comes to this meeting after ten consecutive games without losing and with three men recovered compared to the last days. David Gallego does not anticipate the call at home because he always summons everyone available, but the coach anticipated in the press conference prior to the meeting that he will not be able to count on Víctor Campuzano and José Gragera. While the internationals Manu García and Uros Djurdjevic return, the league's top scorer, as well as Saúl García, recovered from the muscle injury that separated him from the team in the last matches.The return of Manu and Djuka will mean changes in the line-up, an unknown after the good performance of the team, especially in the match last Monday in Vallecas. The victory against Rayo has catapulted the rojiblancos' illusion in being able to reach the final fight even for direct promotion. Now, Gallego does not tire of repeating that the first thing is "immediate" and, to maintain that illusion, we must continue to add the three points of this day.

For its part, Mirandés returns to the competition after the postponement of its last two commitments, against Rayo Vallecano and Tenerife, due to the detection of 13 positive cases of coronavirus between staff and coaching staff. Circumstances rule and the rojillos will face the meeting in El Molinón-Enrique Castro Quini with ten casualties, especially in the defensive plot.

Despite this, no one believes in the excuses in the bosom of the 'jabato' that will look for three points that bring it closer to permanence. José Alberto will be the main absence. The rojillo coach is one of those affected by the outbreak so his second, Pablo Álvarez, will be in charge of directing the clash against Sporting. The former rojiblanco player will this time be Mirandés' first coach on the El Molinón bench.

If the starting eleven with the Asturian coach are a mystery, now even more so given the situation the squad is going through. Letic is the only healthy defender. The Bosnian player will be on the left side. It is more difficult to know who will accompany you on the defensive line. All the plants are isolated in their respective homes. Caballero can be an emergency solution, like Meseguer who could see his position delayed to the axis of the rear.

Sofficial players like Rodri or Marcos Olguín have options to jump to the pitch from the start. The premise is clear in the red box: try to dominate the game through possession in order to keep Sporting as far away from the goal as possible. Difficult task, yes, due to the good moment that David Gallego's team is going through.

The match data The keys

Reappearances and absences: While Sporting recovers Manu and Djuka, Mirandés is presented with ten absences due to the coronavirus.

Motivation: The victory in Vallecas has raised the sportinguista self-esteem, who fully trusts his game and who has not yet lost at home.

Style: The numerous casualties will mark the visit of Mirandés to Gijón, but the rojillos' style of play is non-negotiable.

Position: The 'jabato' team will try to dominate the game through possession to keep Sporting as far from the goal as possible.As to follow

Djurdjevic: The league's top scorer reappears in order to extend his scoring streak in the competition.

Letic: The Bosnian winger is the only healthy defender. He has a good chance to prove himself on the left side.

Highs and lows

Gragera and Campuzano are the absences at Sporting that have recovered Manu García, Djurdjevic and Saúl García.

The Mirandés travels without Juan Berrocal, Vivian, Javi Jiménez, Carlos Julio, Genaro, Mario Barco, Simón Moreno, Jackson, Djouahra and Trigueros.

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