The 'bad brother' prevails: the Lakers, crushed in LA

The Los Angeles derby was resolved with an overwhelming superiority from the Clippers, who were the whole game ahead. The Lakers are waiting for LeBron and Davis.


Without LeBron James and Anthony Davis, impossible. At least, it's the feeling it gives against the big teams. The Bucks beat the Angelenos by 15, and the Clippers, in a derby that would have been high if they had all the stars, have done it by 18. Neither have given a choice nor the others have presented opposition in a game without history resolved in the first half, with a second that has been based, by the locals (according to the colors of the stadium and the teams, since they both play at the Staples Center), on maintaining a distance of about twenty goals at which the Lakers haven't been able to get close. The control of the game by Tyronn Lue's team has been such that his rivals have not been ahead at any point in the game. What's more, they have not even put a draw on the scoreboard, a fact that gives a good example of the superiority shown by a team that, apart from having imposed on an orphan squad, is one of the teams in the best shape of the entire team. NBA: They have seven victories in the last nine games and break a streak of two consecutive losses that pushes them back to just over a month before the playoffs.

The Lakers thing is not anyone's fault. Neither from Frank Vogel, who cannot get from where there is none, nor from the players, who make up a squad prepared to surround their stars and not to play without them. With this defeat, the Angelenos begin the fall (if they had not already done so) that everyone anticipated with the injury of LeBron James: they are fifth in the Western Conference, they have the Blazers at half a game and the Mavericks, at three. That is the position they do not want to look at and that nobody is considering right now. The Spurs, eighths, are in another fight further, but Luka Doncic's team could climb enough to come back ... and avoid the play-in, that kind of previous invented by the NBA in pandemic and that has lasted this year (same as the pandemic, on the other hand), doubling their participation from two to four teams. The Lakers do not want to play the play-in, or enter a battle that they will surely win but that they can lose, and that would also increase the wear with, by dates, LeBron and Davis recently recovered from their respective injuries. But of course, the possibility exists. Is there. And no one can ignore it.

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