The best Madrid goes with Barça

Real Madrid did what they had to do to enter the playoffs without depending on third parties, which was to beat Fenerbahçe. And now expect a rival: Milan or Efes.


Real Madrid will be in the Euroleague quarter-final playoffs. We'll see against whom. The white team did what they had to do not to depend on third parties, which was to beat Fenerbahçe in Istanbul. And he did it without leaving a trace of doubt, with a recital that ended in a beating: 67-93. Madrid came out plugged from the initial jump, focused on defense, successful in attack, and ended with a galactic record of triples, 19, with an incontestable victory and with a less usual leader, Nicolás Laprovittola, who closed with a PIR of 29. Only 50-58 in the third quarter, after De Colo's triple, put some uncertainty in a game that he always had dominated. Those of Pablo Laso must be recognized for their ability to respond in the most delicate situations.

Madrid walked on the European wire until the last match of the regular phase, but the pressures have been such in the final stretch of the league, that with their victory in Turkey they have gone from the danger of elimination, to still aspire to the fifth square. It is not a minor issue. If he finishes fifth, he will face fourth, Sergio Rodríguez's Milan, which is assumed to be more affordable, despite dragging a negative balance in the previous two. If he finishes sixth, which is the other mathematical possibility, the horizon darkens with a cross against the fearsome Efes, whom nobody wants to see even in paint, much less in a five-game tie. Paradoxically, the key to his future is held by Barça this Friday against Bayern Munich, in a clash in which nothing is played anymore, because he has made sure to finish leader, whatever happens. Sarunas Jasikevicius has announced that it will be a date for the less frequent, among them for Pau Gasol, who reappears after more than two years absent from the slopes. It will be the great photo of a match that Madrid will also play in the distance.

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