The Barça will not return to the benefits until within three years

As revealed by TV3, the new CEO of the club, Ferran Reverter, drew up an economic plan that includes the renewal of Messi, losses for two years and the signing of a crack.

It was known that Barça's economic situation was bad, but what has become clear in the first weeks since Laporta's team took over the club is that Barça's economic situation is going to have to endure a journey through the desert of a couple of years.

According to TV3, the explanation of Ferran Reverter, the entity's next CEO to the board of directors at the council meeting held last Monday, contemplates two years of losses until a balance with profits can be closed.According to information from the regional channel, the losses for this year will amount to 350 million instead of the 200 that the Bartomeu board had budgeted for. It should be said that the accounts of the resigned board of directors must still be approved by the assembly of delegates and that more than likely they will be reformulated by the new management team.

In the Reverter report, which will not take effective possession of the position until June, when its business relationship with MediaMarkt ends, it is added that the 21-22 course will also end in the red. Of course, that budget includes the signing of a world star and the renewal of Leo Messi.

It would not be until Laporta's third season in the presidency, in the middle of his term, when Barça would return to provide benefits.

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