The antics of 'Mad Dog' Gravesen: firecrackers to the physio, a change of car ...

Several colleagues of the former Real Madrid tell what it was like in the dressing room in his time as 'toffee' and emphasize his taste for fireworks.


Thomas Gravesen is a guy who entered the popular imagination of almost every Spanish soccer fan since his arrival at Real Madrid. A peculiar Danish who arrived from Everton and left his mark with a unique dribble, the Gravesinha, and an even more special character that made him unforgettable for the Madrid fans, but also for the rivals.Although in Madrid he did not have much time to show his footballing qualities, at Everton he became a cult player. This is how he is baptized in The Athletic, where several of his colleagues do not speak so much about what he did about green (character, forcefulness and strength) and more about what he did outside of it.A fan of all cars

After earning a good salary, Thomas became interested in enjoying good cars. According to his ex-partner Kevin Campbell, the Dane had a Porsche, a BMW X5 and a Ford F150 pickup, but overnight, all those vehicles disappeared. "He liked speed, but one day we came back from preseason and we were in Bellefield (Everton training ground) when someone called me and told me to go to the parking lot. Tommy showed up in the green Nissan Micra and I said, 'What have you done with All the other cars? "." This is my car now, "he replied. He went from supercars to a Micra and loved it. That sums it up. He was a crazy, boisterous Dane," he recalls.

Campbell, on the other hand, admits that he never gave any trouble despite his follies. "He was a loving guy. He was a very good partner. Hard-working, funny and a good guy in all aspects. I was a captain and I took a liking to him. He was easy to deal with and he never had an argument," he adds.A quirky humor and a fondness for fireworks

His eccentric personality earned Gravesen the nickname 'Mad Dog' in the Everton dressing room. According to his companions, he was not bothered and even followed their game. In fact, he was the regular protagonist of games and shenanigans on the club's premises.

Alan Myers of the Everton communication team remembers several of the shenanigans he did at the toffee training ground. "He did what he wanted to do, whether people liked it or not. He wanted to come and bother a little because he needed it. Sometimes he bothered some more and had to be stopped," he admits.

This Everton member acknowledges that Thomas had a fondness for fireworks as a joke item to wear to practice. "I adored fireworks. I don't understand why. I remember that he once fired a huge rocket from a window in Bellefield," he says.

James McFadden, his former partner, recalled one with more 'malicious intent'. "Gravesen bought fireworks one day. The physio room was next to one of the fields and the physio was one of the fittest guys in the club. He was running with the injured players when Tommy suddenly came out with a huge rocket and he threw it straight at them, "he explains, although he adds that all these tricks were" always in a joking tone, never anything vindictive. "In addition to his jokes, they say, his character left no one indifferent from the first moment. "If you were standing at the reception and Thomas came in you were lost. He always left a trail in his wake, he was like a tornado that went through the office. He was mischievous and funny and also, he spoke with a Scottish accent all the time," says Myers about his form to speak in reference to his previous stint at Celtic Glasgow.

A Danish 'mad dog' who left his mark wherever he went and now lives in a luxurious mansion in Las Vegas thanks to the fact that he managed to multiply his fortune with the right investments. According to The Sun, he no longer drives around with a Nissan Micra and has regained his love for cars with a € 400,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. A peculiar type.

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