Tension in the infirmary

Madrid looks worried at Lucas Vázquez, injured in the Classic, and Valverde and Kroos, who were touched. "We are at the limit ...", warns Zidane.


Real Madrid is in danger of traveling to Liverpool with almost nothing on and without three starters at once. Lucas Vázquez left the Clásico early due to a traumatic blow to his left knee and two other fundamental players for Zidane ended up: Kroos and Fede Valverde. The white team was successful in the first stake against Liverpool and the key confrontation against Barcelona, but it shows signs of suffering physically. "We are at the limit, I don't know how we are going to end ...", warns Zidane. The tremendous effort threatens to incur painful bills.

The most worrying situation is that of Lucas. He retired in the 43rd minute after a blow inflicted by Busquets and the Madrid doctors will evaluate today how the joint is, to confirm that it was only the trauma and there is not any type of internal effusion. In any case, his evolution will determine whether he is at Anfield. It will be a busy day in the Madrid infirmary. Fede Valverde went to the bench in the 61st minute and what could seem like a tactical change by Zidane hid a physical background. El Pajarito was affected by an adductor and could not continue. What's more, when the game ended, the Uruguayan could hardly even go down a small flight of stairs that separates the Di Stéfano stands from the changing room tunnel.Nor did Kroos finish well, who went to the bench visibly limping after being substituted at the same time as Valverde, although at the moment it is unknown if there is any muscular problem. Alerts lit with three footballers of an absolutely relevant role. In the case of Kroos, in addition to being the author of the 2-0 in the Classical, he is part of the wonder triangle together with Modric and Casemiro. A company of players who understand each other perfectly and that amazed Klopp at 3-1 in the first leg.Pending Carvajal and Varane

The decisive match to be in the semifinals of the Champions League is the third and last port of eight hellish days, due to the demand, for Zidane and because he still has more doubts. It must be remembered that the entity is still pending if it can count on two holders in this extremely diminished defense that right now they are low. Varane is not ruled out, although it is complicated that he can offer two negative PCR tests after the positive one for Covid-19 that was detected last Monday in the first leg against the reds. Carvajal has also completed several sessions almost reinstated normally, but he is a footballer very punished this season for injuries (four) and who would have to join a game of a devilish pace after almost two months without competing. Much risk.

Zidane has been attending with concern the resistance of his team, very short of the bench. Against Liverpool he offered symptoms of exhaustion in the final 15 minutes and the exhaustion became more evident in the torrential rain of the Classic. There are 39 injuries suffered by the Madrid squad so far this year, not counting casualties due to the coronavirus. The infirmary, at this point in the season, begins to be for Real Madrid almost a rival at the height of Liverpool, Barcelona and Atlético.

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