Ten years of "your ambition has been stronger than your talent"

That is the lapidary phrase that Stoner threw at Rossi in Jerez 2011 when he went to apologize to the box after he threw him at the end of the straight.


Ten years are today of one of the most talked about episodes in the long history of MotoGP and that left for the remains a lapidary phrase from Casey Stoner addressed to Valentino Rossi when the Italian went to the Australian's box to apologize to him for having thrown him on the eighth lap of the 2011 race in Jerez. "Your ambition has been stronger than your talent," the then Repsol Honda rider snapped at the Ducati.

The 46 crashed at the end of the straight in a race through water and took the 27 with him to the ground, who was running second at the time. Valentino was able to resume the march, but Casey could not and remained at the foot of the track until the next lap to ironically applaud the Italian as he passed the point where he had thrown a turn earlier. At the end of the test, the one from Tavullia went straight to the Repsol Honda box to apologize. There his rival, already dressed in civilian clothes, was waiting for him to respond to his words and gestures of forgiveness, clasping his hands, with absolute irony. "All good. I'm only worried about your shoulder," he would say while patting his right shoulder, the one from his injury, to later sentence: "Your ambition has been stronger than your talent" .

Rossi, wearing his helmet, did not know at first what Stoner had told him. He later recounted it upon learning what his victim had previously said. This was said by the Honda: "It would have been better if you had come without your helmet to apologize. I accept your apology, but I would have preferred you to come to the motorhome to do it, in private, rather than in front of the television cameras." Rossi responded like this: "The first thing I did when I got off the bike was to go look for him to apologize, regardless of the cameras following me. Elías threw me into that corner in 2006 and that's why I lost the World Cup. The truth is is that I felt a little protected with the helmet when I went to apologize. I did not hear well what he was saying about the helmet, but I realized that he was not smiling friendly ".

In addition to the fall that cost him the loss of a leadership that he would later regain, because in 2011 he won his second title, Stoner was also burned a lot by the behavior of the track marshals after the fall. It was fireworks. While a legion of willful stewards pushed aside the Honda lying on the Ducati, helped Rossi to get up and even patted him on the back to get him back on track immediately, there was only one helping Stoner get up and start. the RC213V, which proved impossible. With more hands they probably would not have succeeded either, because the starting system of their Honda required blocking the clutch hub to start, something that could only be done in the box. That ended up making Stoner desperate, convinced that with the push of several it would have been possible, and he was so angry that he cut the marshalls' sleeves that they disappointed him. "Their behavior has been demoralizing. The only thing missing was that someone asked Valentino for an autograph. The motorcycle had not been damaged too much, but it had stopped and only one helped me to try to start it," he later said about them.For his part, Rossi did not comment on the stewards, describing the incident like this: "It was a shame, because I was very fast in the water and providence had given me the opportunity to achieve my first victory or podium with the Ducati. I was going very strong and I got a long hair. I did not have time to open up, I fell and I threw Stoner. My bike did not stop, I grabbed the clutch and I was able to go back and be fifth. It is human to fail. I have braked a little less than Simoncelli and Stoner, whom he had no intention of passing at that time. They are things of the races and for him a great task ".

The relationship between Rossi and Stoner was already broken since the famous Laguna Seca 2008 race, that of the Italian overtaking the Australian through the land of the Corkscrew and that ended with the fall of the Ducati that Casey was driving at the time, according to this because Valentino had intentionally stopped his Yamaha prematurely and that's what brought him to the ground. At the end, he accused him of driving dirty and assured that he had lost the admiration he felt for him. Three years later he made it clear when he came to apologize to his box, with that harsh and unforgettable message of "your ambition has been stronger than your talent", which is now ten years old.

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