TAS forces Atlético to pay Futebol Benfica for Gelson Martins

The Lisbon club claimed training rights, considering that in the end there was a transfer paid by the Madrid club to Sporting de Portugal.


Atlético will have to pay Futebol Benfica, not to be confused with the well-known Sport Lisboa e Benfica, as training rights belonging to Gelson Martins. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), as confirmed by the Portuguese club itself to the Lusa agency, the court has agreed with the modest team that was claiming compensation for their work in Gelson Martins' football beginnings, as stipulated by FIFA in its transfer regulations.

Gelson Martins, 25, is now a Monaco-owned player. However, in 2018 he unilaterally terminated his contract with Sporting de Portugal after a group of ultras stormed the club's sports city and attacked one of its players. Martins decided to liquidate his contract for what he understood to be just cause and without any consideration for Sporting. However, over time, the Lisbon club and Atlético reached an agreement for the Spanish club to pay an amount as compensation, which was made public in the Portuguese Stock Market Commission.

That is what Futebol Benfica has seized upon, who has argued that based on that agreement there was a transfer in which the FIFA regulations would govern and, therefore, it would be entitled to an amount by virtue of training rights. This amounts to about 200,000 euros plus the costs of the process. FIFA had already positioned itself in favor of Futebol Benfica's claim, but Sporting and Atlético claimed TAS, who has not changed that decision. Gelson was part of Futebol Benfica between 2008 and 2011, during his first steps in football.

Photos from as.com
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