Suárez, frustration in Seville

The striker left Sánchez Pizjuán without finishing and with only nine passes in the rival field, one gold for Correa. He saw the fifth yellow despite avoiding the conflict.


Luis Suárez lived at Sánchez Pizjuán one of his most uncomfortable matches since he was at Atlético. The team has declined in its game over the course of the season, and in recent months it costs much more to generate offensive football and step into the rival area. And the Uruguayan is the one who suffers the most from it.

A born scorer, who with 19 goals in the league has led the rojiblanca forward since his arrival, but from the first day with Simeone's premise of bringing the team and the balls closer to the area, where he does more damage. Something that is not happening in the last games. The rojiblanco team is weaker behind, and the measure to try to protect Oblak has gone through retreating on their area, which implies that the team closes in their own field.

And so many meters from the rival goal, Suárez suffers. Without the speed of yesteryear to run into space, the Uruguayan is capable of giving the team an exit from his back, where he is a master taking fouls or playing face-to-face with his teammate, but scoring chances are scarce. It already happened in the tie against Chelsea and it happened again in Seville. Atlético is dominated by the rival, without the ability to get out of the pressure beyond balls and Lemar's only focus, and the chances of seeing the door for the '9' are radically reduced.

Suárez only had one chance to score, just starting the second half, where Lemar found Correa on the wing and the Argentine put a great center with the outside that the Uruguayan would not reach by centimeters. In the discount he would return the shipment with a great pass to leave Correa hand in hand, but the auction of the '10' was repelled by Bono with his leg. That great maneuver by Suárez, controlling the good pass to Herrera's space, turning and finding his partner, was his 14th pass in the game (of 16 attempts, 87.5% correct) and the ninth he could give in rival field

19 goals in 35 shots on goal

The striker left without finishing throughout the game, no shot to test Bono, neither on goal, nor outside, nor cleared by a defender. But, in addition, he saw his fifth yellow card in the league that, except for a club appeal that is accepted by the Competition Committee, will prevent him from playing against Betis. A play where he was fouled and after being pointed out he tried to get rid of Acuña, who was looking to face him. Gil Manzano punished the action by admonishing both of them to the striker's disbelief.

Atletico's lack of offensive production is affecting the team's numbers and especially the supply of balls to its nine. In the previous League game, Suárez gave Atlético the victory against Alavés with a great header to the center from Trippier in a match where he was able to finish a total of twice. The Uruguayan has shone throughout the season for his success in front of goal, with a spectacular percentage of productivity when he finishes in the direction of the net. He has 19 points in only 35 shots on goal. But to score he needs the team to generate attack play in the rival field. Against Sevilla he experienced a dynamic that has occurred in recent games, where it is increasingly difficult for him to test his shot. If Atlético want to be champion, they will have to find Suárez again in the rival area.

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