Stephen Curry, in purgatory

Very tough defeat for the Warriors with an incredible 3 + 1 from Bradley Beal. The Nuggets won by the hair and they already link eight victories.


Another Warriors disaster, in an increasingly gray season, with the roof lowered, that began with a hint of disaster and then righted itself very promisingly. Finally, these Warriors are what they are, anchored between the present of a Stephen Curry at his best level and the future that James Wiseman represents (we will see), with problems combining the competitiveness that the former demands (and almost guarantees) and patience. what is needed with the second, number 2 of the last draft: a lot of potential ... very green. In total, there are eight losses in ten games, the last painful against the Wizards, in San Francisco (107-110). And a revealing 24-28. The 2020-21 Warriors are not a 50% winning team and they see their position in the play in jeopardize, now with only one game on the margin over the Pelicans (who are stumbling) and two over the Kings, who do not stop to lose in every possible way. The Spurs are also sinking without remission, but they are still ahead of those of the Bay.

The Warriors have lost some games they should have won this season. But few (except perhaps Charlotte's) in endings as clearly dire as this one. After a very bad first half, they stabilized just after the break. Curry's points, some shots from Oubre and Green and Wiggins' defensive work seemed to be enough against the Wizards, who are not exactly a killing machine. Between everyone's uneven stages, Curry left the thing at 107-104 before an incredible denouement. Russell Westbrook missed a front triple (it was too short), the Warriors did not close a rebound that was worth the victory and Bradley Beal saved a ball that escaped down the side, balanced what he could and launched a triple going towards the line of background. He put it in, was fouled by Wiggins, who was extremely late, and completed a heroic 3 + 1 (107-108). Then the Warriors ruined their last bullet: Green found Damion Lee on the way to the rim and Damion Lee, almost under the basket but intimidated by Avdija, chose not to shoot and double a pass…. At the hands of Bradley Beal, who sentenced from the personnel line.

Beal had hip problems that kept him out for five games. In just the second game since his absence, he was lazy, heavily pressured by Kerr-ordered double scores. He had 14 points with a 0/4 on triples before his 6 points in the final 6 seconds. What cracks do. He was accompanied by Robin Lopez (16 points in the first half, 20 total), Hachimura (13 in the first quarter, 22 total, increasingly chemistry with Westbrook) and another triple-double from Westbrook: 19 + 14 + 14, already 167 for him, now 14 behind Oscar Robertson. The Wizards are 19-32 and that in the East, what things, it is worth for that only three games of the play in.

The Warriors lost although for once they won (+13) the minutes without Stephen Curry, who last sat at -6 and returned with a 4-point lead for his team (95-91). Something unusual that however only served to end in another frustrating ending. The point guard had 32 points with 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 triples, Oubre finished with 23 points, Wiggins in 15 + 7 + 6 (and a lot of work, but that final foul ...) and Wiseman with 18 points, 6 rebounds, a 9 / 11 in shots and good contribution in the first minutes of the fourth quarter. But it didn't matter: the Warriors were once again unable to secure the victory.


Winning is a habit and losing… too. The Nuggets, who remain undefeated since the arrival of Aaron Gordon, are doing well right now: eight straight wins, 34-18, battling the Clippers for third place in the West. Since the arrival of Nikola Jokic, it is the first time that the franchise has linked eight wins, a tremendous streak despite the fact that Jamal Murray is still out.

And because he was on the verge of aborting against the downcast Spurs, who fought hard after being 18 points down in the first half. Scratching points and living off the losses of their rival, they had a triple option to force the extension that painfully vanished: Michael Porter Jr only made one of his free throws (121-119), Keldon Johnson took the rebound, Popovich did not He called a timeout and Johnson raced to the rim, where intimidation from Porter himself prevented him from scoring. Dejounte Murray tapped the rebound, missed ... and the ball fell to DeRozan, who also could not score, already desperate. When it is no, it is no. The Spurs have 10 losses in 12 games, now at 24-26 and fighting to save at least the play-in. Both franchises shared a balance not long ago: 22-16. Since then, 12-2 for the Rockies and 2-10 for the Texans, melted.

DeRozan added 24 points and 12 assists, Kelon Johnson improved after a losing streak, White (25 points) and Murray (12 + 7 + 4) worked on the outside, Gay scored 12 points from the bench ... the Spurs rowed as much as they could, but they lost again. With less brilliance than usual, the Nuggets held on to the gigantic Jokic (26 + 13 + 14), the efficiency of Porter (22 points, 10 rebounds) and the production off the bench of Monte Morris (21 points, 7/8 in shots), who played more and better than Facundo Campazzo, who continues as a starter in the absence of Murray. The Argentine finished with 9 points (6/6 from free throws) and 4 assists.


The Clippers did not fail either, on a very favorable day because they were visited by the Rockets, who came from beating the Mavericks well but are now 14-28 and played without John Wall. The Angelenos remain at 36-18, half a head ahead of the Nuggets. But it was a strange game, marked by the comings and goings of the Clippers themselves: 19-30 in 9 minutes and 26-40 for the Rockets after two minutes of the second quarter. From there, an incredible 41-4 (67-44) partial that ended at 41-6 at halftime (67-46) for a 41-10 total in the second quarter. Then, another nap and reaction from the Rockets, who reached 104-99 but conceded a final 16-2 there.

In that second quarter, the Rockets made their first two shots and missed 15 of the remaining 16. The Clippers went 15/21, with Kawhi scoring 11 of his 31 points and three 3-pointers from Reggie Jackson, who finished with 26 points, 7 assists and 6 3-pointers to contribute what Paul George usually rested. In addition, Batum scored 17 points and Terance Mann, who remains one of the revelations of the second leg of the season, finished with 16 and 9 assists. Key after the departure of Lou Williams. DeMarcus Cousins added 3 points and 2 rebounds against his former team, a block led by Christian Wood (23 points), Olynyk (13 and 11 rebounds), Tate (18) and Kevin Porter Jr (14, 6 rebounds, 13 assists). In the end, he commanded the logic.

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