Sergio thinks green

The 41-year-old from Castellón is one of the three Spaniards who will play the 85th edition and arrives with a 'new weapon': "I find myself much more comfortable with putting."

Sergio García will be one of the three Spaniards, along with Jon Rahm and Chema Olazábal, who will start tomorrow at the Augusta Masters 2021 (Movistar Golf). The 41-year-old from Castellón, winner of the mythical Georgia tournament in 2017, had to miss the previous edition held in November due to the coronavirus and now reaches the 85th with renewed forces and with a secret weapon that has improved. "I find myself much more comfortable with the putt, I feel it is more solid and it gives me much more confidence because practically all the putts I take the line I want. When that happens it just depends on reading it well and giving it the right speed. ", he assures in the previous one to 'Ten Golf'.

The child has gotten older and recognizes that it has been difficult for him to realize that the demand is good, but that perhaps he has gone too far: "I have always been very hard on myself, demanding and a perfectionist and there are times when, perhaps, even too much . You have to demand yourself without crushing yourself. " He arrives as 20th in the world rankings and draws how he would like the conditions of the field: "That the results do not go to 18 or 20 under par. I think that is the way in which this field should be played. Let the ball roll in fairways and greens, and it is more difficult to leave it near the hole. Hopefully the weather will hold up well and it can be like that for four days.

García praises the current benchmark of Spanish golf, Rahm, and the anxiety that he will win his first major. "The first one who is demanded is Jon. There are times that together we try to force the moment instead of letting it happen. He has more than enough game to win any tournament. When things go the way you want and everything flows, the options come and that's when you have to take advantage of them. When you try to force things to happen quickly, you don't do them so well and they don't happen, "he says.The one who completes the shortlist, Olazábal, also congratulated the new father ... although with an added soccer message. "It is something very important and very special in the life of a person. And I am looking forward to seeing him to rejoice over the victory of the Real," he said referring to the title in the Copa del Rey defeating Athletic Bilbao. About the tournament, of which he is a double winner (1994 and 1999), he says: "This site has given me everything. It defines my career. I have wonderful memories of this field."

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