Sagan: "If Bora doesn't need me I'll find someone to do it"

The Slovak responds to the statements of the team boss, Ralph Denk, who questioned the renewal of his contract, before the Tour of Flanders.


Peter Sagan has had no qualms about answering statements in which Ralph Denk questioned his continuity at the Bora-Hansgrohe. Denk, manager of the team, assured that he was not sure if he should renew his contract or invest in young talents for 2022. And the Slovak, who is already 31 years old, answered this Friday in statements to Cyclingnews that, if he does not You "need" on your computer, you will find "another that does" .

He does it just before the Tour of Flanders, the Monument of the pavés that is disputed this Sunday with several figures of lesser travel on the World Tour, such as Van Aert or Van der Poel, above him in the ranking of favorites. And it is that Sagan has decreased his positive for coronavirus at this start of the year and, although it is already his 12th season in the peloton, with the experience that this implies, and accumulates 114 victories, it seems difficult that he can repeat his triumph of 2016

The Slovakian is beginning to enter the "autumn" of his career, as Denk defined the gradual decline that awaits him, and his salary, close to five million euros per season, greatly affects the structure of Bora. But he does not feel much less a drag: "Honestly I am not old. I do not think I am in the fall of my career and recently I have shown that I can continue to win races."

Sagan is clear that he is not going to make a snowball of this and affirms that everything will be discussed when the time comes: "I have been busy running so I have not sat down to talk with Ralph yet and my future is to be decided. I have had Some great years at Bora but if he sees me as past is his opinion. If he thinks he no longer needs me winning races for the team, I will find someone else who does. "

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