Risk sustains a bipolar Lega

Sabadell touched the tie after wasting a first half in which Leganés dominated. Arnáiz, Róber Ibáñez and Rubio scored. Superb Risk.


Leganés toppled Sabadell and dispelled a streak of three consecutive games without winning with a win that did not serve to reactivate the Blue and Whites' optimism. The doubts sown in the second half further blackened the haze of pessimism that Butarque has covered in recent days. And that the first part the Garitano team wore a brilliant version that deserved to end with a landslide, but that only closed with 2-0. The goals of Arnáiz and Ibáñez, in addition to the visiting absence, invited fleeting hope. Sabadell woke up after the break and touched the tie. Rubio shortened distances and Guruzeta even twice stroked an equalizer that the stick and Riesgo made unfeasible. Leganés protested a goal disallowed offside to Borja Bastón that the VAR lines did not clarify. The image was not even displayed.

The duel started in a color confusion. Leganés' tribute to the toilets with their second light blue outfit ended up turning into a nightmare due to the coincidence with the Sabadell shirt. For the eye, an effort to distinguish who they were. Who the others. Perhaps that was what turned the Catalans into an inert team, incapable of being aggressive against that rival so similar to them in clothing. His indolence in the face of a Risk that premiered in Butarque was fertile ground for the new believing version of this Leganés who, on Easter Sunday, unearthed his most aggressive mood (again 4-2-3-1) and removed the ghosts of the past

He did it early and with baroque overtones. A long play ended in the heel of Borja Bastón who, within the area, yielded for Arnáiz to unsheathe the blunderbuss that he carries on the left (minute 7). Golazo between violent and plastic that broke a wide streak without seeing the door. He hadn't done it since December 2. Too much for a player called to be superclass in Second.

The fact is that the goal, far from accelerating the visitor's pulse, increased his drowsiness, the one that took shelter after an attempt to defend by accumulation, but giving side corridors and simple balls. One of them was used by Eraso to steal and lead the 2-0 counter (minute 28). Ibáñez from another blunderbuss propped up a goal of relative tranquility that could still be bigger if it weren't for the fact that Borja Bastón was annulled 3-0 after an offside that the TV did not clarify. The VAR lines were conspicuous by their absence. It happened just three minutes after Bustinza's injury (38 ') and Sabadell's double change (the same minute) with which Hidalgo tried to wake up his troops.

Agitated end of the first part that promised to transform the second into a game of greater concerns. No sooner said than done. The visitors awakened and in their first two strokes they cut distances. First, with a whip to the post from Guruzeta (58 ') and then with Rubio's goal (59'). His distant shot touched Rubén Pérez and misled a Risk that had to multiply to stop the effervescence of this unleashed Sabadell that had the tie again at the feet of Guruzeta, a skillful exploiter of the gap left by Rosales, Bustinza's substitute, in right-handed side.

Only the goalkeeper's dexterity in hand to hand prevented a disaster that was repeated for Lega in the form of injury. Ibáñez fell in the 72nd minute (muscular problem) and invited Garitano to retake the defense of three centrals with the entry of Tarín. Thus, armored in his area, Leganés finished off a game in which he enjoyed an isolated occasion while Sabadell drowned embedded in front of Riesgo in a howl of despair and without the draw he deserved.

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