Quartararo's victory, Martín's podium and a mess between Miller and Mir

The Devil wins on Easter Sunday, the rookie is third behind Zarco and the Australian went for the champion on the straight.


Race in MotoGP in true Moto3 style. One of those with a large group in the lead, with a platoon of up to nine units with the knife between their teeth, but with fat bikes, one thousand cubic centimeters, the fastest on earth. And the best in the meantime was Quartararo, able to come back from the ninth place he occupied after the start. Curious that El Diablo wins on Easter Sunday, but special mention also for Martín, who led for 18 laps and finished third, behind his teammate Zarco, to climb the podium of the queen class for the first time, only in his second Exit. And what will not be forgotten is the mess between Miller and Mir, who was actually a macarrada of the Australian with the Spanish, looking for him and touching him on the home straight at 195 per hour.

That was the way that the Ducati had to get revenge for the pass that the Suzuki had given him a few corners before. It happened on lap 13, when we got to turn 10, and it is true that the ax he hit was very tight, a kind of 'move away' that turned Jack on and drove him crazy for an instant. And it is that when arriving at the straight, where the Ducati is always at ease, Miller looked for Mir, went towards him and put him elbow and motorcycle in a dirty way, reaching the touch and keeping the foot both miraculously. Then he made a very clear gesture saying it was because of his previous maneuver. The action was reviewed and, surprisingly, did not entail any sanction for 43. Doctors have the Church, but there is no one who understands it, the truth, because there was bad intention.

Returning to the race, Martín did not stop at the start and started like the rocket that he is. He took first from pole and held on leading much more than he expected. It was on lap 18 when Quartararo overtook Zarco and Martín, although he had to repeat the maneuver with the Madrilenian on lap 19, because he had burned his Yamaha on the straight with his Ducati. This time Fabio was able to overtake the Spaniard earlier and when he reached the straight again he had enough margin not to be scorched again. There were three laps left and no one could put a wheel on him, crossing the finish line with 1.4 on Zarco and 1.5 on Martín, who dedicated his podium to the recently deceased Fausto Gresini.

Rins, Maverick, Bagnaia, Mir, Binder, Miller and Aleix crossed to close the top ten places behind the three on the podium. He made merits to finish in the top ten Pol, but he went long at the end of the straight when he was contacting the leading group and had to settle for the thirteenth place. Rossi, in the worst GP in memory, only rallied to sixteenth place from twenty-first on the grid. Álex Márquez and Lecuona did not finish.

Photos from as.com
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