Piqué: last time, it went wrong

The center-back has traced the modus operandi of the match against PSG where Barça fell 1-4 and Mbappé drove the defense crazy. It's up to Koeman to decide.


Piqué likes to live on the edge. Between what is forbidden and what is fun, like that legend who assures that he did not sleep in the national team's concentration hotel before the World Cup final, and that he does not mind implicitly feeding. For the second time this season, the center-back has played with the times of his right knee injury, and has entered a list in the last second. Koeman included him yesterday among those called up for the Classic as on February 16, when two and a half months after seriously injured at Wanda, he played as a starter against PSG. The invention went wrong. Barça lost 1-4 and Piqué was slow in the 1-1 goal. Then his photo grabbing Mbppé's shirt went around the world. Now, repeat modus operandi.

Piqué returns five weeks after injuring his knee again on a happy night. The center-back, who this year has been in the defeats of Getafe, El Clásico and who has had sounded errors in Wanda and Vitoria, played an imperial match in the second leg of the Cup semifinal against Sevilla. He crowned it with a superb header in the last play of the game, which opened the doors to extra time, and the final, to Barça. However, the center-back was injured in the second half of overtime. Barça, with one more, easily circulated the ball, but Piqué made a strange turn with his knee before giving a pass and was injured. Unnecessary foreshortening that cost him a medial lateral ligament sprain. That night, Piqué was euphoric and did not give it much importance, but he has been away for five weeks and the recovery has not gone as well as he expected. Of course, he has pressed and is crazy to play. Now it is up to Koeman to decide, of whom his inner circle assured that he already had reservations to align Piqué against PSG; and that he is again at the same crossroads. The Dutchman, however, insisted yesterday on the need to have players with experience in matches like today. That makes Piqué, who has missed 66% of games this season (29 of 44), the favorite to start against Madrid. All eyes and pressure on him. What moves you in life. Soccer as a game. All or nothing.

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