Pepe Mel: "The complaints about the time change are an anecdote"

The Madrid coach insists that "it is obvious that Tenerife and Las Palmas are the most affected." For tomorrow he also discards Javi Castellano.


With the bittersweet draw of Heliodoro already digested, Las Palmas faces a double league commitment at home this week against Lugo and Mallorca. With his team in no man's land, Mel launched his particular proclamation this morning: “We continue to have incentives, because the objective has not been achieved (permanence). No one can relax. ”

After the duel in Tenerife, Dani Castellano will leave tomorrow, about whom he announced "a couple of weeks off" and Javi Castellano, who ended the derby with discomfort, and Rivera, who join Aythami and Cedrés. He also confirmed that Valles will play in goal.

Mel also referred to Sampedro's complaints about the time change, complicated in any case to digest by someone who coached Tenerife. “They are an anecdote. He knows very well that the two Canarian teams do, for example, more flight hours than anyone else. That we are the most affected is obvious, everyone understands it ”, he sentenced.

These were his statements in the telematic press conference this morning:

Need to score after the Canarian derby: 444 444

“It is obvious that both teams, both us and Lugo, need victory. Every victory costs, so there are no auspicious rivals. What we are doing is working to have the option of adding three important points ”.

CD Lugo:

“Luis César Sampedro has been working there for a few days. Things have changed, and there is a change in attitude in all teams when a new coach arrives. Footballers perform better and become more aggressive to show that they are worth it. But we must not focus on that, and we must focus on the party that interests us. If not, we will go in tow. In addition, we have enough arguments to make the game that interests us. Lugo is a team that made it very difficult for us already in the first round, but the most important thing now is that we know how to compete in this match. ”

Lack of incentives:

“We continue to have them, because we have not yet achieved the main objective (permanence). This category has shown that no one can relax until they give you the numbers. ”


“What worries me is the immediate. We have to be a compact team and try to hurt Lugo, so we only think about that. We do not look at what may happen three days later against Mallorca. To do so would be to make a big mistake. ”

Valles or Álex Domínguez?:

“Álex Domínguez arrived today from the U21, and will surely be on the bench against CD Lugo. Álvaro Valles will start tomorrow's game, I think it has to be him. ”

Dani Castellano:

“We have talked, of course. He told me that he is very excited and thinking about recovery. What happened was a scare, but we have to be cautious. Doctors tell me he needs a process, so he could be out for a couple of weeks. The most important thing is that he is well. ”

Substitutes for Dani Castellano:

"We have a thousand options: that Cardona plays as a center-back and Eric (Curbelo) as a left back, that Ale Díez, Benito or Jonathan Silva are in that position ... Whoever comes out will do very well."


“Apart from Aythami or Cedrés, Javi ended the Tenerife game with discomfort and it is very difficult for him to be tomorrow. Rivera was not there and against Lugo, either. The three of them are safe casualties for tomorrow, but they don't have to be noticed at all. ”


“We prepare each game to win, although sometimes we give arguments so that people are not with us. We always try to prepare ourselves as best as possible and with all the enthusiasm. How are we doing for tomorrow ”.

Kirian Rodríguez:

“For tomorrow it is not low. He is physically perfect, as he was for Tenerife. It was not because I am here to make decisions. ”

Complaints from Sampedro about the time change:

“We are used to this type of statement, so it should not be given greater importance. He was in Tenerife and knows very well that both Tenerife and we travel many more hours than the rest of the First Division teams. For this reason, for example, pre and post training are always of poorer quality. In that sense, the two Canarian teams are at a disadvantage; but it is obvious, understood by everyone. Next week we play in Oviedo: we leave on Friday and we don't come back until Monday. What others say is an anecdote. ”


“In me there is a help, a friend, a coach who knows this job perfectly. I think that he has not come here to try to score as many goals as he can, that too. It can and should do many other things. As long as you stay that involved, I'll be calm. The goals will come, as will those of Rober, Rafa Mujica, Araujo ... We have to measure them by more things, not only by the goals they score. If Jesé continues working like this, in me he will always have a defender and an outstretched hand. ”

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