Paulino de la Fuente: "A dribbler is born, not made"

The 23-year-old Cantabrian winger is one of the best players in Logroñés and his performance has not gone unnoticed in Segunda. He spoke to AS.


At the age of 16, he started an adventure at Inter Milan. Why did you decide to emigrate?

It was easy and fast. After a tournament with the Cantabrian team, 20 or 30 teams from all over the world called me. Those who gave me and my family the most affection were those responsible for Inter. We spent a week in Milan and when I turned 16, I signed.

(Paulino de la Fuente, a native of Santander, will do 23 on June 27) .

How about the experience?

Very good, better than expected. I got to a very professional football for our age. I won titles in the category, we achieved records, I learned the language… Although in a game they changed me, the cables crossed a bit and, as I had been away from home for almost three years, the opportunity arose to return with Atlético. However, there in just three months things went wrong.

Y finished training in another pedigree quarry, that of Alavés.

It was like starting from scratch after my career at Atlético. I was not feeling well, I got sick, I got injured, so I took it with great motivation. I trained early with the first team, I made my debut in the First team and wore the captain's armband in the subsidiary. I am very proud of that stage.

The first course as a professional is now being lived with Logroñés.

It was not difficult for me to adapt, since I was in almost daily contact with the Alavés first team. I chose Logroño because they valued me and transmitted confidence, the project offered the opportunity to be important in the club.

Although it was difficult for him to enter the starting eleven.

Yes, the block came from ascending from Second B, it is normal when the coach does not know you like the others, it involves an adaptation process. Too bad I was injured when I was enjoying more minutes. Before Christmas I started to consolidate myself, and I feel very comfortable and happy with how everything is going. The day of the Mirandés is looked at more because there I scored my first professional goal and gave my first assist, but I feel good in general.

Total 93 dribbles, the seventh more than Second, and is the second in average feints per duel, 5.3, only behind Gerard Valentín (Lugo). Is a dribbler born or made?

Born. It comes naturally to me, it's not something I train. Other facets demand more of me, on a physical or tactical level, although I like to try new things.

The paulinha (a step and change of direction) has a patent.

(laughs out loud). They baptized her like that in Vitoria. I try some regularly. Although the fundamental thing is to become a complete footballer, not to remain a filigree. For that I work day by day. You have to squeeze yourself in attack and defense to achieve the goal of permanence.

How do you see the remainder of the championship to keep the category?

We continue off the descent, and we wish to continue like this until the end. We must not be confused, but strive each day as a united group. We had to enjoy a great streak of six consecutive victories and then another very bad streak of twelve games without a win. We did not fall asleep, there was simply no way to hit what seemed easier in the good times. There was a bit of pressure and the locker room was put to the batteries. "We don't want to suffer this situation anymore," we told ourselves. And we accumulate five of the last nine points.

Finish contract in June. Will you bet on this project or will one of the ensembles that are watching you closely tempt you?

Honestly, I focus on getting the best of myself and achieving permanence. We all work for the same goal. Later, it will be seen. The president (Félix Revuelta) already warned us in one of his talks: he will not renew anyone until continuity in Second is certified. He commands, we deliver (more laughter) .

So, how was the reception of the entity and its companions?

Phenomenal. At first Iñaki, the captain, and the veterans wrapped me up more. Then I became more confident with Santamaría, Medina, Andoni or Zelu. We are a family, just like with the board. The Logroñés is a recently promoted one who intends to grow.

And the city?

Very good, and Logroño is two hours from my house, as they say, a northern capital, like Vitoria or Santander. Pity about the pandemic, which hardly allows joys. We must be very vigilant about the protocol. So at home I hit FIFA and Fortnite hard, or take a walk with my girlfriend and our dog. But I miss a coffee or a meal with friends, and I haven't been to Laurel Street yet. We will have to celebrate staying there (breaks out laughing) .

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