Oviedo does not know how to take advantage of Jesé's expulsion

Blues and canaries sign a table that does not convince either of them. The red to the attacker for an entrance to Sangalli conditioned the second part


Oviedo and Las Palmas suffered a slight disappointment in their different purposes in this final stretch of competition. The goalless draw leaves the Blues for another week without adding up, without detaching themselves from the dangerous zone, and the Canaries still with the play-off from long range. The crash, conditioned by the red to Jesé, did not offer much action in the areas.

The two teams came out with very marked roles. Las Palmas tried to damage Oviedo with possession, with care for the ball to take it to those above, those in charge of giving the matter another gear. Oviedo also had a clear plan: wait behind and try to enlarge any failure in the delivery of the canaries.

Although the script was learned, the clash was not particularly entertaining in the first act. The occasions were limited to mere close-ups. Borja Sánchez was the first to appear, with a cut in the front and a shot down that Valles cleared. Las Palmas responded by finding Jesé into space, but Arribas emerged victorious from the attacker's attempt to cut.

Until the end of the first half, a lot of battle in midfield and just one more chance. This time it was Tejera who tried the shot from the front, but Valles responded with some problems.

The second half was marked by the red to Jesé, who in the 65th minute threw himself to the ground to try to recover the ball, but hit Sangalli's foot. The referee saw it clearly and sent Jesé to the locker room. Before that action, Sergio Ruiz and Borja Sánchez, one for each side, had tried to unbalance the clash in individual attacks of inspiration.

With numerical superiority, Oviedo was forced to take a step forward, with Borja Valle and Rodri already on the field. Del berciano was a shot that went to the clouds.

The clearest chances came in the addition, with two shots from Nahuel in the area that met with Valles' mitts. And above all one of Borja before whom the Canarian goal became strong again.

Pepe Mel: “The number of times the referee has stopped the game has hurt us a lot” A draw that serves Las Palmas little by little, if he wanted to get hooked on the playoff, has made Pepe Mel turn on after the game due to arbitration. The coach, an expert in these struggles, commented that the referee stopped the game "harmed" his team, assures that he will not allow a possible relaxation among his players. "Neither is going to happen nor am I going to consent to it" .

These and other things commented in the post game:

The little offensive contribution of the UD "The number of times the referee has stopped the game has hurt us a lot. He has stopped it continuously for reasons that he will know and it has hurt us a lot when we were 11 to 11. We need to give rhythm to the game and the continuous stoppages have not benefited us at all. I think we should have tried to play more forward with the last pass, but Oviedo was not coming for us. The only solution was to go to goal, but we were not fine in the last pass to put Rober, Jesé or Araujo ahead ".

Álvaro Valles' performance "He has been good, in his role, that's what he's for. He has had a good performance" .

The expulsion of Jesé "It catches me on the other side of the field, I do not see it and I do not know how to measure if it is red or not, but it is true that it has put the game very at risk. With the field almost impractical and pouring down as it was, against a needy Oviedo, that red one has harmed us ".

The change of Sergio Ruiz "Everything is a bit united. Sergio is a bit between cotton wool. He is always playing the 90 minutes and, as I said before, the field was getting heavier. We have to play next Sunday and we had already We have also tried to protect Araujo, who has four cards. I think that losing Sergio in this game, in the end, with one less, would be unwise ".

Relaxation of the team "Neither is going to happen and I am not going to allow it. I don't think the team has relaxed, but the rivals also play their part. It was a difficult game. In the end, we got a point that for us insufficient for the objective we could want. It could have been even worse because the team has done a pretty good physical waste. "

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