"Watch out for the referee they put us for the Classic on Saturday!"

In the offices of Valdebebas this morning there was a common comment in all the improvised groups to comment on what happened at Barça-Valladolid.


In the offices of Valdebebas this morning there was a common comment in all the improvised groups to comment on what happened at Barça-Valladolid: "Watch out for the referee that they put us for the Classic on Saturday!". The misgivings are more than justified after last night Latre, the Aragonese referee, sent off Oscar Plano with a direct red, in addition to having overlooked a penalty by Jordi Alba when the score was still 0-0 between Barça and Valladolid, Without the VAR either asking him to go and review the action (however, Latre did in a Betis-Valladolid start of the championship in an identical action, which for him did deserve a penalty after reviewing it). “We were awarded three penalties in Mestalla, two of them by Lucas and Ramos. But in the Wanda derby they didn't whistle the clear Felipe made when Casemiro was going to finish a goal and neither did Alba. There are two measuring rods ”, they complained within the white club, who are already crossing their fingers at the designation of the Classic this Saturday at the Di Stéfano (9:00 p.m.), which will be announced this Thursday.

Nor do they forget in Madrid that just since the last Clásico, back on October 23, Madrid has not again enjoyed a penalty in their favor. Exactly five and a half months have passed and no less than 23 league matches. Something that Madrid had not suffered since 1974. Franco was still alive! That double yardstick is seen in the penalty ratio. While Barça have been awarded six penalties in favor and four against, Madrid only two in favor (the least in the League together with Cádiz, Osasuna, Huesca and Elche) and no less than seven against, being one of the teams most punished for this concept. Zidane will never complain in public, but among the players there is an undisguised fear of arbitration that they may suffer this Saturday with the League at stake against Barça.

Without a doubt, the biggest fear is that they appoint Hernández Hernández. The canary whistled them in the Wanda derby and last season in the Camp Nou Classic, with the famous two unspoken penalties on Varane. Nor does he like De Burgos Bengoetxea, who became famous for sending Cristiano off in a Super Cup at the Camp Nou after converting a clear penalty committed on the Portuguese into an alleged pool that only existed in his head. “We only ask that we be whistled by a referee who does not act conditioned as has happened to us in recent years. And that in the VAR they are not afraid to intervene because they are Madrid ”. The Classic heats up. Madrid is only worth winning to be able to overtake Barça in the standings (65 points to 63 right now), although until the unjust expulsion of Óscar Plano the equality of points seemed irreversible before the great performance of the Pucelano team in Barcelona. The Classic has already started.

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