"Today or tomorrow we will know more about the Diakhaby case"

Tebas announced that a report will soon arrive on what Cala was able to say to Diakhaby in the alleged racist insult of Cádiz-Valencia.

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, appeared before the media and analyzed the Diakhaby case that has been causing so much to talk in recent days due to Cala's alleged racist insult to the player che. "Throughout today or tomorrow there will be more news. It is an audio that is a minute and a half after the incident and the one who says it has a South American accent. Therefore, it is not Cala. We have worked a lot on this. That expression did not It is from Cala. What we have commissioned is cleaning the recordings and to see what can be heard. We have commissioned a lip-reading expertise. Cala says something, but let's see it. There will be a report. Things will be clarified ", declared the president of LaLiga.

Tebas also spoke about the return of the public to the stadiums, pointing out that he will soon meet with the Government to decide when: "My hope, I don't know if it will be in all the Autonomous Communities, that the public can enter. The pandemic has dropped a lot and We have very strict protocols. We have prepared others for public access. We are going to work on this issue with the Government and the CSD. We are waiting to see the evolution of infections. "In addition, he spoke about the possible arrival of Mbappé to Madrid: "Mbappé is difficult, but not impossible. When a player is about to end his contract and does not renew he seeks to start." And he avoided getting wet about the result of the Clásico: "I think they are going to tie, because no one wants to lose the game. There are many games left. Atlético has a great team, but there are complicated moments. be an exciting league. There is no black hand. There is a discrepancy in criteria that I know is being worked on. There is no black hand for Atlético, Barcelona or Madrid to win the league. Everything can be improved. The refereeing must be improved . Velasco is working on that aspect ".

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