Omar, Lluís or Dídac: the open door on the right side

Óscar Gil will know the extent of his injury on Tuesday, but he may miss the remainder of the season. Vicente Moreno handles three revealing options.

If there is a position that Espanyol has generated the most headlines this season, it is that of the right-back, with permission obviously from the forward and Raúl de Tomás, a protagonist in every market and every weekend he scores or simply dresses short. If in summer it was the position with the most changes, from the termination of Javi López to the sale of Gonzalo Ávila, Pipa, through the transfer of Víctor Gómez or the signings of Miguel Llambrich or Óscar Gil, now the injuries put her back under the focus.

Óscar Gil, who injured his left shoulder against Albacete and was forced to leave the field on a stretcher, will undergo medical tests this Tuesday and will know the period of absence. Vicente Moreno, always prudent, has already dropped in the press room that he could miss the entire season, he even spoke of the theoretical substitutes in case the bad news is confirmed. A decision that goes beyond a name, taking into account the fundamental role played at Espanyol by the full-backs, who are more than just defenders.

The most logical option is that of Omar El Hilali. The 17-year-old young player, a native of L'Hospitalet and who came to the parakeet club as a child, is one of the future bets of grassroots football. He has already done the preseason with the first team and Vicente Moreno is to the liking of being a balanced side, who can travel the band (he put three centers against Albacete in just half an hour) or defend with concentration and a good one against one. The coach highlighted his good minutes against Albacete.

Of the natural decision or other more forced

Omar, who is followed by several top-level Bundesliga and Calcio clubs and whose clause is only 6.5 million, may be the option of classic full-back, in matches at the RCDE Stadium in those that Espanyol must dominate the games with more force. As consideration, and second option, Lluís López emerges, who was out of COVID-19 this week and it will be difficult for him to reach the Leganés meeting on Sunday.

Lluís already started against Oviedo (1-1) and played a good first half although it was conditioned by his characteristics. In that meeting, the center-back participated in Oscar Melendo's goal by filtering a pass from the inside, but instead suffered when it came to reaching the baseline and crossing. The parakeet team had to insist more on the side of Dídac Vilà, who represents the third option, somewhat illogical, although Vicente Moreno revealed it. Left-handed closed, the side could suffer from the left, a denatured place.

During the season, there are other players who have accidentally participated in that demarcation, although, a priori, they should not be options. As bizarre as it may seem, Javi Puado acted as a false side in Las Palmas and against Oviedo, although they were disadvantaged match situations, in which Espanyol needed to gather attacking players to score more. This variation is not contemplated. Omar is the most logical choice at a defining moment of the season.

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