Olazábal: "I'm looking forward to seeing Rahm, we have to congratulate him and rejoice with the Real thing"

The Basque assures that he wants to meet his countryman to congratulate him on his fatherhood and gloat "for the victory of Real" in the Cup.


The Gipuzkoan José María Olazábal affirmed this Monday at the Augusta National, where the Masters is held between Thursday and Sunday, that he is eager to see the Biscayan Jon Rahm to gloat over the victory achieved on Saturday by Real Sociedad against Athletic Club in the final of the Copa del Rey 2020.

Olazábal, declared a supporter of Real Sociedad and who has a good relationship with Rahm, a well-known Athletic Club fan, said that he was unable to watch the game because at that time he was traveling by plane to Augusta. "I did my best to see it, but there was no way. I found out the result as soon as I landed and I was immersed in joy," revealed the two-time Masters winner.

"First we must congratulate him for being a father, because it is something very important and very special in a person's life. And also tell him that I have removed the thorn that had stuck with him. And that I am looking forward to seeing him to rejoice for the victory of La Real, "said the Gipuzkoan about Rahm. Kelly Cahill, Rahm's wife, gave birth to their first child on Sunday: Kepa Cahill Rahm.

Referring to the Masters that begins this Thursday, Olazábal stated: "This site has given me practically everything. It defines my career. I have wonderful memories of this field, not only of the victories, but of the experiences lived all these years with people I love who are no longer here. There are many reasons to come here ".

"For us (veterans) this field is starting to be a little monster and we know that doing a few (blows) is going to cost us a lot. But the fact of being at the champions' dinner, seeing the champions and being in Augusta is special. It is worth coming, "added Olazábal. "The first time I came was in 1985, as an amateur. I have been coming for thirty-odd years ... Coming always excites me and makes me feel good and at peace with myself," he said.

Olazábal believes that this will look like an Augusta as he "would always like to see it." "Last year in November it was unusual, but this time it is spring and the weather forecast is good and there will be hard and fast greens," he added.

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