Olaza: "We have to play the perfect game in Barcelona"

The side is already adapted. Last year he scored a direct free kick against Barça and he is looking forward to this game because "in football there is nothing impossible"


The week progresses and Real Valladolid's training sessions to prepare for the clash against Barcelona continue to pick up pace, after last week's turbulent because of the covid. Lucas Olaza was in charge of setting the moment for the group, starting by assessing the long time off for Valladolid: "It takes a long time, there is a lot of time between games, but we also had time to rest and regain energy. I've already been working for a couple of days and there is time to prepare well and face a nice game. "

The situation got complicated last week with several positives, something that conditions work; Olaza explained how they have lived the situation from within: "Everything that has happened is something unusual, they are unexpected things, but the team is strong and this will make us even stronger. The most important thing is that the teammates are well and that they recover. soon and help the team. We are handling the situation calmly and although you know what could happen, you are not expecting it ".

The game at the Camp Nou is one of the most complicated and scoring or even winning there would be a surprise, although Olaza does not rule it out: "We all know the team that is and what Barcelona represents and more in their field ... Offensive potential they have; we will have to play a perfect game to be able to get something out there and for that we are working. We have been doing good games and for some details they are escaping us, but it is true that we have improved a lot since a month ago and we have to keep working to keep improving things and details. Getting something out of Barcelona is very difficult, but we are going to try, in football there is nothing impossible ".

When the player arrived in the winter market, in his first matches he missed seeing him go up to attack as he did at Celta; That trend seems to have changed and now it is seen more in avant-garde areas: "I always try to do my best and I have always said that my teammates and the club people have treated me very well since I arrived. At the beginning when you arrive You have to know how the team works and that's what you do as the games go by. I'm grateful to be here and I try to be professional and give my best, sometimes they come out better and sometimes worse, but always trying to give the best of you to the team. " .

Throughout his career Olaza has had good percentages of success in the free kick, even last year he scored a goal of that bill against Barcelona, although in Valladolid there are specialists in that facet: "Before I made many free-kick goals And with Celta yes, I scored Barcelona, but I am a newcomer and I am getting to know my teammates and there are many who hit them very well ".

Mathematics is the order of the day and the calculations of the necessary points vary every week, this is how the Valladolid side sees it: "I honestly don't think we score a number of points, we are going game by game and I think in these games That remain is the best way to face them. Any point is very important and we are evaluating that, game by game and not getting accounts ahead of time because we already know what the League is like, that unexpected points are obtained against any rival and that is why in at this stage it is important to think about the next game ".

Olaza's evolution since he arrived has been permanent and we are already seeing the best version of the player: "You can always give more and I will keep trying to do things better. How the team has improved, it also shows in what You have to keep working to improve even more ".

The draws against Celta and Sevilla have been two difficult toads for everyone to swallow, but Olaza believes that the team is already thinking about the following: "They were very hard results because of how they were produced, in the last play; it was hard but already It was in the past, we are already looking ahead and we have already recovered from that. We know that the most important match is the one ahead of us, but yes, correcting the details that did us so much damage and that they will not happen again. ".

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