Neymar, subscribed to the expulsion in the PSG

The Brazilian player accumulates four reds at Paris Saint-Germain, one less than his personal record at Santos, but with a significantly worse index.


The star Neymar is suffering more expulsions than desired by the Paris Saint-Germain fans. The Brazilian has seen four red cards since joining the club in 2017, that is, one in every 26 games.

The last expulsion took place this Saturday, when PSG lost 1-0 to leaders Lille on matchday 31 of the league championship. In the last moments of the match, Neymar was in a hurry to restart a play and struggled with Djaló as he tried to snatch the ball from his hands. Double yellow and to the street. The first warning was seen after fighting with André.

Disputes with the rival were responsible for three of the four expulsions of Neymar at PSG. That already happened in 2017 against Olympique de Marseille and also in September of last year, when he accused the Spaniard Álvaro González of racism.

Neymar accumulates in Paris the worst expulsion rate of his sports career. In France he has seen his way through the locker room four times in 105 games. When defending the Santos shirt, he saw a red card on five occasions, but in 225 games played (one for every 45 games).

In Barcelona and in the Barça national team, Neymar has been sent off once for an elastic. At Barça, Neymar saw a red in 186 games. With Brazil, the only expulsion in 103 games occurred in the 2015 Copa América, after the game, in a dispute with Colombian defender Murillo.

Neymar, repeat offender

In relation to Saturday's expulsion, Le Parisien reels off what happened and considers that 10 could miss between one and three games and even four or five. The case is in the hands of the Disciplinary Committee and on Wednesday they will make the decision. But why is an expulsion for a double yellow lead to such a penalty? Because of the context and what happened afterwards.

Neymar, who was returning from injury, received the first of the cards for a slap to Benjamin André in the 48th minute and the second for a push to Tiago Djaló in the 89th minute. However, both players got into an argument in the locker room tunnel that I need third parties to put out the fire. Thus, the Committee will analyze Neymar's attitude and must decide that he deserves the first of the aforementioned penalties, from 1 to 3 games: he would lose the league matches against Strasbourg and Saint-Etienne and the quarterfinals of the French Cup on 21 April

However, the Parisian newspaper understands that the sanction could reach up to four or five games if the Committee decides that it was a "voluntary push" or an "attempted coup". In this case, it would be necessary to add two more matches to the list, complicating, incidentally, PSG's options in the fight for the league competition.In addition, Neymar has the aggravation of being a repeat offender, something that Le Parisien emphasizes, which recalls the encounter with Álvaro González at the beginning of the season. Thus, the one suffered against Lille is the fourth expulsion since Neymar signed for PSG in 2017, while suspensions are added to the list for insulting the referee and for an unfortunate gesture to a fan. All this has caused him to miss twelve games, an amount to which will have to be added those decided by the Committee this Wednesday.

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