Neymar calls Barça again

According to Ara, the Brazilian has paralyzed his renovation. Laporta never ruled him out in the campaign and, as AS announced, he met with Pini Zahavi, on March 3, who took him to PSG.


According to the newspaper Ara published this Saturday, Neymar has knocked on Barça's door again. Like every year, on the other hand. The Brazilian, who ends his contract in 2022, would have always paralyzed his renewal according to Ara and would have offered himself to the Barça club. Just a few dates ago, Andre Cury, one of his trusted men, had already said that the Brazilian's words would be fulfilled and that Neymar and Messi would play together next season ..., but at Barça.

Joan Laporta never ruled it out during the electoral campaign. It should also be remembered that Pini Zahavi, the representative who took command of the operations to take him to Paris in the summer of 2017, met with Joan Laporta on March 3. The information, published with As, had to do with the signing of David Alaba, who is also represented by the agent. But the name of Neymar could always have come to light. According to Ara, the Brazilian has stopped his contract extension and dreams of playing with Messi again, although it was he who decided to leave the Barça club.

Laporta is testing the market these weeks. It is active. After his meeting with Alf-Inge Haaland, Erling's father, and Mino Raiola, on Holy Thursday, this information from Neymar appears. This, plus the open possibility of incorporating Depay and Agüero. Kun and Neymar, by the way, close friends of Messi, who also negotiates his continuity with the Barça club.

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