Mourinho and the mistakes of his team: "Same coach, different players ..."

The Portuguese was upset after Tottenham's draw against Newcastle. "We create instability with too many individual errors," he added.


A missed opportunity for Tottenham to join the Champions League. A Kane brace doubled over Joelinton's opening goal, but Willock tied it (2-2) with six minutes remaining. Tuchel's Chelsea broke their invincibility halo against West Brom (2-5), but the Spurs did not take full advantage of the setback and are still fifth, two points behind the Blues. And having wasted a bullet that was so close to hitting a target has not pleased José Mourinho.

"I am frustrated," began the Tottenham manager in statements to the BBC after the crash. "We needed to win the game and we came here to do it. We were not far from there, but at the same time we created a bit of instability in the game with too many individual errors on defense. We constantly gave Newcastle the opportunity to be in the game." continued the Portuguese, clearly upset that he had failed to kill the match.

"It is true that we had a great opportunity to make it 3-1 and kill him, but we delivered the game right on the next play," he explained. And it is that, the so much of Willock arrived practically after a shot of Kane that the wood repelled. "Same coach, different players," added the Portuguese when asking how it is possible that his men were consistent in the past when maintaining a result and now suffer in that regard.Analysis of the decisive goal

"We work well and we work hard, but there are errors that, perhaps, I would not even call them that, because they are related to the ability of the footballers. If we look at the second goal it is easy to understand because there are three different moments: the center, the ball at the far post where they got hold of it and when it was in front of the goal with our two centrals in position. They can easily analyze it, "he said.

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