Miller and his affair with Mir: "I was tired of so much touch"

The Australian makes it clear that he took justice on his own and that he went for the Spaniard on the straight: "He had already hit me three times in the middle of the curve."


Listening to Jack Miller on TV, it is clear that the Australian took justice on his own against Joan Mir, with a dangerous maneuver on the Qatar straight, before completing lap 13, which, surprisingly, Race Direction interpreted as a simple running throw, washing hands without imposing any sanction. Mir had overtaken Miller in turn 10 in a very hurry, in a way that I'm going, and when he reached the straight the Australian looked for the Spanish, went against him and hit him with his elbow and the fairing, making a gesture then with which he reproached him for his previous maneuver.

This is how the Ducati man explained such a macarrada: "He had already hit me three times in the middle of the curve. The Suzuki turns well, but he touched me three times in the corner quite hard and the truth is that he went long and then came back trying to I cut the line. The truth is that I was already tired of so much touch. I'll see him later, sure, and I'll talk to him. It's nothing personal. I understand that the Suzuki turns well and they are able to put the bike where they want and that We have potential on the straight and it's not easy for them, but three touches ... He hit me at turn two early in the race. Then I overtook him and he hit me again at turn six and turn ten, like this I was already tired of so much touch ".

Regarding his second career as an official Ducati rider, he spoke of compartment syndrome problems: "I felt relatively well most of the race, but after contact with Mir I lost a lot of time. I had to shoot to try to climb positions and then I started to suffer because my arm got mounted and I had a lot of difficulties in the last four laps due to this issue. At the level of sensations, they were better than last week and I could fight more. I was there and we finished five seconds from the victory, but again ninth, so we have a lot of work to do. I will go to the hospital in the next few days to have my compartment syndrome fixed. I used to have some problems in the tests, but with this compact season we have to find a solution faster. " .

Action: "What happened with Jack is that in turn 10 I overtook him. We have not touched, but we have been very close and I made him change his line a bit. It was an overtaking a bit to the limit, it is true , and I have stuck my leg out to apologize, because normally these overtaking is at the limit and this is what happens. Then apparently he has gotten angry, because I suppose he does not like to see that he is not performing as expected of him and in the Last corner I slipped a bit, and when I returned, it was not that I had thrown myself towards the middle of the track. I was sticking to the left, which we all do when we sneak into that curve. There is an action just like you can compare with Aleix and with me. Aleix has sneaked in, has returned to the left, I have seen him and I have approached him, but I have not gone to touch him or create a situation that many motorcycles were behind. turn on, judge for yourself. At Suzuki we will take what we consider to be the most successful so that this situation does not repeat itself and that's it. "Miller says he touched him three times:" That I touched him three times? Well, explain to me the three times that I have touched him ... At the beginning of the race you have to position yourself and at the entrance to Turn 6 the front wheel has dislodged, I had to pull straight and Fabio had to lift the bike , but I have not touched with Fabio. It was just a first-round action. It was not the best decision to overtake there either, but they are career sets. They don't pass me alone either, if they have to pass me by touching me, they overtake me by touching me. Jack will have taken it with me and seen that situation to perhaps touch me, and that situation has to be judged. It cannot be repeated, it has been a very dangerous action. It was on the straight, riders were coming from behind and I don't even want to think about it. It has been very on the edge, well, passing the limits. If you have to call us Race Direction, which I hope you do, they will judge and decide. But my opinion is clear "Balance of these races:" It is positive. I have been competitive in both races. In the first one we suffer a lot from the motor, that's what there is, and in this second, what hasn't happened to me, may God come and explain it to me. It has been like that, there has been nothing in my favor, the bike possibly did not respond to me at all today and I have given everything I had and more. I have played many times, I had to come from behind, more or less I had the race quite controlled until that happened to me with Jack and I was saving tires to attack at that moment, but then two more Ducati, the Yamaha and many pilots. I could not do more. "The race until the incident:" At that point I was performing well and controlling the race properly, but without the feeling of last week. He was not able to overtake anyone on the straight, any motorcycle. What's more, I was wasting a lot of time. I don't know what could have happened, we have to see it. The team has seen it, it is seen, but we do not know what problem has happened. I would not have fought for victory today, but I would have been very close to the podium, for sure. I could have fought, I am convinced, if the Miller thing did not happen. It has been a maneuver that has crossed the line of legality. "How it makes you feel:" It doesn't make me feel in any way, it pisses me off. But that's it, we are in a race and there are times when the decisions that we can make in the heat of the moment can go beyond the law. I'd like to talk to Jack and see what he could think of. He's upset because he says I've touched him three times, tell me when. I have seen a maneuver in 10, but I have practically not coincided with it anymore. I have advanced it in the first laps and that's it. "" There is no indignation, there is anger and that's it. "Race Direction has not called and regarding respect for the champion:" We have now finished the race, it is normal that it may be late. a little. We'll see what happens. There is no champion here, no champion team, no disrespect, or anything. It has been an action outside the legality and that's it. You don't think "Careful, this one did second last year." Here for everyone the last race is what counts and that's it. "Reunion with Miller on the last lap:" After seeing that maneuver, you don't really know where you are going to go. He was slower, he covered me a lot in the last laps and I overtook him in the best possible way, maintaining a meter and a half and without him being scared, to see if he will think again that I will touch him ... In the last laps I was stopping a lot, but it's very difficult with this bike to be able to defend ourselves and more today. We have to see what could have happened, because it is not normal. Last week we were going well, in this race we were not going so well and everything is the same. "How he faces what is coming:" I face them with a lot of desire. after two races in Qatar we are looking forward to changing tracks now. The balance is not negative, we have been competitive at all times and it is the objectiveor. This last race has happened to us a bit of everything, but it does not end here. Now comes Europe, more normal races and last year we were always strong. We will see how far we can go. "

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