Milan, Efes, CSKA ... or Barça: what would await Real Madrid

Madrid have beaten Olympiacos and are closer to the quarter-finals. These would be your rivals if you go to the next round of the Euroleague.


Real Madrid closed the 33rd matchday, with the advantage that they already know what their rivals have done for the last two places in the Euroleague. He won and continues to depend on himself (72-63). Six teams have already qualified (Barça, CSKA, Anadolu Efes, Armani Milan, Fenerbahçe and Bayern Munich) and four of them are fighting for the last tickets: Real Madrid, Baskonia, Valencia Basket and Zenit Saint Petersburg.

Wites depend on themselves to classify. A win against Fenerbahçe in Istanbul automatically puts them into the next phase. And even if they lose, if Zenit falls in one of the two games ahead (one of them postponed) they would get into the quarterfinals, something they have done in all the years of the Laso era except the first. That is to say, the team led by the Vitorian coach (who trained Chus Mateo against Olympiacos due to a sanction from the main coach) has it in his face, but not completely done. And you are bound to win if you don't want to be scared and depend on others.

Now, of special interest is the crossing of quarters, which can be with four different teams. And everyone, of course, from the top of the table: Barcelona, CSKA, Efes and Milan. With any of those four it can be for different reasons: Madrid can be fifth, sixth or eighth. Right now, the whites would play their pass to the Final Four against CSK, but in no case can they be seventh, since if they lose and Zenit do not win any of their two games (if they win both, Madrid would be ninth and would stay out), Valencia or Baskonia (who play between them on the last day) would be seventh, having the average won with Real Madrid. In that case, the whites would play against Barça.

If Madrid beat Fenerbahçe, they are ahead of the Istanbul team. And if, on the same day, Bayern lose at the Palau they are fifth. This would happen because the whites have won both games against both teams. If they win in Turkey and Bayer beats Barça (who don't play anything on the last day) they would be sixth. And they would face Milan, Efes or CSKA in the quarterfinals, depending on how the last day develops (CSKA has two left for another postponement), but never Barça, in this case. One way or another, the quarter-final showdown would be very tough. But first things first, of course. Classification.

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