Michael Schär's response to the UCI after being sent off in Flanders for a jerrycan

The Swiss cyclist wrote an emotional letter on his Instagram account in which he regretted having been expelled for throwing a jerrycan at fans in a prohibited area.


Michael Schär became one of the unwitting protagonists of the 2021 Tour of Flanders. The Swiss AG2R rider was expelled from the race after throwing a jerrycan at spectators on a stretch of course where he couldn't do that, according to the new UCI regulation that entered into force on April 1.

Hours after the incident, Schär himself wanted to pronounce on his expulsion through an emotional letter in which he criticized the UCI punishing him for a gesture that, for him and many other riders in the peloton who have come to see the races on the roads , was the trigger to become a professional cyclist years later.

This is the emotional letter that Schär has published on his Instagram account:

"Dear UCI: Why children start cycling

I remember it like it was yesterday. My parents took my sister and me to the 1997 Tour de France in the Jura. We went to the tour and waited for hours in the middle of the crowd. Finally the advertising caravan arrived and we grabbed some goodies.

Then the first police motorcycles arrived and the helicopter was on top of us. That electrifying atmosphere of the approaching peloton was a change in my life for me. I was impressed by the speed and ease with which these riders could ride their bikes. I wanted nothing more in my life than to become a professional cyclist. From that moment I wanted to fulfill that dream.

In addition to what I experienced, I received a bottle from a professional cyclist. This little piece of plastic made my cycling addiction complete. Back home, that drum would remind me every day of my dream. I rolled around with my yellow Team Polit jerrycan every day full of pride. Every day

Now I am one of those professionals who competes in front of happy spectators. During the quiet moments of the stage I always keep my empty drum until I see children near the road. So I throw it at them where they can safely catch it. Two years ago I gave a jerry can to a girl who was near the road. Her parents told me that the girl was not only happy about the jerrycan for that day. She still talks about that jerry can. And maybe one day she'll be a cyclist.

These are moments for which I love our sport. No one can take that away from us. We are the most accessible sport that gives away cans along the way. It's as simple as that. It's as simple as cycling. "

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