Mendy is worth what it cost

The French full-back has appreciated 67% since he signed for Real Madrid and equates his market valuation to the cost of his transfer.


Real Madrid made its last major investment effort in the summer of 2019. The white club took out the checkbook and disbursed 298 million euros to reinforce a team that, in year one of the post-Cristiano Ronaldo era, was entrusted to three coaches He barely won the Club World Cup and dismounted too early from the fight for the League and for the Champions League. Along with Hazard, the great star of 100 million euros, came one of the sensations of the Bundesliga, Luka Jovic, for € 60 million; a promising Porto center-back, Militao, for € 50m; a promising young Brazilian, Rodrygo, for € 40 million; and an emerging left-back, Mendy, for € 48m. The club's commitment to the French, the one with the lowest price at that time, with an appraisal of 30 million euros, has been a great success in the economic and sports fields. Its strong performance has caused the defense to reach a market value in line with its price: 50 million euros, according to the recent Transfermarkt review.

Of them, Mendy is currently the only fixed player in Zinedine Zidane's eleven. Hazard also has the undisputed poster, but his umpteenth injuries have taken the Belgian away from the usual condition in the team. Rodrygo, victim of the overbooking of the squad in that position, is one more in the rotations of the couple that accompanies Benzema in attack. Militao, between injuries and doubts in his game, not only has not been able to discuss the position of Ramos and Varane, but Nacho is consolidating himself as the team's third center-back. And the fifth in contention, Luka Jovic, after a season and a half in which he only scored two goals for white, returned on loan this winter to Eintracht Frankfurt in search of rediscovering in himself that striker who caught Zidane's attention.

A situation that has been reflected in Transfermarkt's market values. Mendy is worth what it cost: it has appreciated 67% and is already trading at 50 million euros. So far, the same cannot be said for his fellow promotion. Only Rodrygo has not been a dubious investment: it was priced at € 40 million and is now worth 45, 12.5% more. The other three have suffered falls in their market values of at least 40%. That border is the Militao brand. It was valued at 50 million euros, which it cost; now it has a value of 30 million. Jovic has lost two-thirds of its value. Madrid signed him for 60 million, in which he was appraised, and now he is worth 20. The greatest depreciation is suffered by Eden Hazard. Madrid signed him for 100 million euros a year before the Belgian ended his contract with Chelsea. A circumstance that allowed the transfer to be achieved below its market value at that time (€ 150 million). The ordeal of injuries suffered by the Belgian (a dozen) has devalued him by 73%, to € 40 million. Mendy is worth more than the Belgian star today.

In the field, the former Lyon player has managed to displace Marcelo from the defense thanks to his good defensive and offensive performance. A safe and a talisman at the same time. Madrid have only lost one of the 41 league games that the Frenchman has played as a starter: the 1-2 against Levante in which the Whites played 81 minutes with one less due to the expulsion of Militao. Zidane's team receives a goal every 114 minutes when Mendy is on the field; with Marcelo, one every 77 minutes.

The defender has scored three goals. His goal against Granada in July left Madrid one last step away from La Liga 34. Last February he made it 2-0 with Getafe and the Atalanta goal that put Madrid ahead in the round of 16 tie. of the final of the Champions. In recent matches in which Zidane has experimented with the change of drawing, the coach has given his compatriot greater freedom of movement. Zizou believes that he can get more out of him: "He is a player who can do many things on the field and must also contribute offensively." A confidence that demonstrates with facts. Courtois and Varane are the only ones who have played more minutes than Mendy this season.

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