Maverick: "I feel very strong and the rhythm I look very good"

On Martín's pole: "I'm very happy for him. I'm very happy. Sometimes we train together and the truth is that Jorge has incredible talent."


Maverick Viñales repeats his position on the Qatar GP grid at the Doha GP, and a week ago he won the race ... He will start third again, this time behind Martín and Zarco, who completed a fantastic double for the Pramac Ducati team. This has been said in Dazn.

-What do you think of Jorge Martín's performance?

-I am very happy for him, I am very happy because sometimes we train together and the truth is that Jorge has an incredible talent. He already showed it in the first race, as soon as he came out with what he did and there was no doubt that Jorge would go fast. I am very happy for him and also for his family.

-Will it come out the same as the other day, third, does it feel just as strong?

-We will see. The air can play tricks, but the truth is that I feel very strong and today the pace felt very, very good in FP4, trying to control the tires a lot. I still have to improve so tonight I will try to turn my head to see how I can improve and take a little step forward, because both Johann and Fabio are very close and I have also seen Mir quite strong, so we have to recover ground quickly.

-In what or where should I improve?

-In everything, in how I open the throttle, in some lines, so we'll see, there are ways to improve.

-Wind is expected, but it seems to perform well under these conditions ...

-I don't know. There are also other drivers who perform quite well. Fabio is another rider who does quite well when there is wind, but anyway I think the most important thing is that there is no dirt on the track, because the truth is that it destroys the tires a lot. If the track is clean, as it was now in Q2, you can ride very fast since in the end it is only wind that hits you in favor of some corners and against others, and then what you lose in one place you win in other. Today in Q1 we were flying compared to the other rating.

-What do you think the race pace can be?

-It will be seen, I have no idea, it will be seen after Moto2, but we will have to see the grip. I think the sensations are very good and I will try to push from the beginning and then at the end of the race, we'll see how things go.

-Will it be a race like last Sunday or very different?

-I have no idea, we'll see. There is honestly no plan. Our strategy is to go out and shoot, put a quick pace. That's what I have in mind, go out and put a fast pace.

-Do you see strong pilots?

-Yes, of course, both Johann and Fabio are strong, Mir is also quite strong. I think there are several pilots that may be there.

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