Mathieu: "I didn't want to go to Barça, I showed a false contract ..."

"Diego Costa gives you small" dog "blows to get you out of your game. He steps on your feet, apologizes and starts again," admitted the Brazilian's French.


Jeremy Mathieu has gone back to review his time at Barcelona. The Frenchman, in an interview in L`Equipe, reveals the strategy he used to not leave Valencia, since he admits that "he did not want to go to Barça." It did not go well for him and he finally headed to Barcelona ... He also talks about Diego Costa, Xavi Hernández and Dukic.

"I didn't want to go to Barça. When the club approached me (in 2014), I was captain in Valencia, I was enjoying my life there and I was wondering: am I going to polish the bench in Barcelona? When I received the contract they offered me Barcelona, I drew up a new contract, in which there was a salary of a level between the one I received at that time and the one that Barça offered me. I showed this false contract to the sports director of Valencia (Rufete), saying: "Yes You give me this, I'll stay. "He replied:" That shouldn't be a problem. "We called together the president (Amadeo Salvo), who refused. Rufete couldn't believe it ... I tore up the paper and said:" So I'm leaving. "I understood that they were not counting on me," admits the Frenchman. He also recently explained that he felt alone upon his arrival at the Blaugrana club.

Mathieu recognized Diego Costa as the meanest opponent he has ever faced: "He gives you little" dog "blows to get you out of your game. He steps on your feet, apologizes and starts again immediately afterwards. You may know, He ends up bothering you, you answer him and you get a warning, "he declared.

The former Barcelona defender spoke about the best players he has played with. "Obviously, I had the opportunity to play with Messi ... But I could also quote Silva and Mata in Valencia, or Xavi. He impressed me with his technical ease on the field and his simplicity off the field: he is a good guy.Finally, he talks about the coach who never understood: "With Miroslav Dukic, in Valencia, we did not understand how he wanted us to play. In broken Spanish, he gave us vague instructions, such as" if they play high, play deep. "It was not crazy, let's say. "

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