Marc shines as headline: "It will help us win the ring"

Drummond's injury on his debut gave Marc back the starting job. The Lakers won, but the pivot knows that he starts temporarily.


The Lakers flourish without LeBron James and Anthony Davis. And without Andre Drummond, who lasted 14 minutes in his debut with the purple and gold before injuring himself. Much has been said about the pivot in recent days, as well as about the buyouts and the management that the NBA does with them. Nobody agrees with these things, although the arrival of the center was sung and with the prorated contract it is still a bargain for the Angelenos, who have taken a man of 17 points and 14 rebounds on average for just over 700 thousand dollars. His arrival has slightly harmed Marc Gasol, who has gone from joy to tears (not literally, obviously) and from ownership to substitute ... and now, back to ownership. Some changes, with rumors about his role in the team and timid gossip about a possible transfer, which has not been completely clarified and that have angered a veteran player who enjoys the respect of the basketball world and who is not for these things.

"If I still want to stay here? We'll see. Things can change quickly in the NBA," said the Spanish player in cryptic statements in which he has shown his anger. "It's hard, I know I'm going to finish out," continued the Catalan regarding his return to ownership, something momentary while a Drummond that Frank Vogel has designated as the first center of the team recovers. The coach, intelligent and aware that you have to manage egos and have a good dynamic with veterans at this point in the season, has wanted to pamper his player in recent days, ignoring the leaks in the Los Angeles environment that he I expected more from the pivot. Vogel has assured that they "love" Marc in recent days, and after the game against the Kings he has said that "he will help us win the ring" .

Marc did a bit of everything against the Kings, where he redeemed himself slightly from the last few weeks, coronavirus included. He went to 5 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, played 28 minutes and the Lakers finished with a +20 with him on the court. He helped in defense, where he is better than Drummond, and in the circulation of the Los Angeles ball, a facet of his game slightly undervalued and that the Catalan favors much more than his competitor in the position. Although, simply, you could say that Marc is better than Drummond; The circumstances, the passage of time and the style of play of the Lakers favor his recent signing, but there is no color between the career of the Spanish, a legend of the best league in the world, an institution in the Grizzlies and NBA champion in 2019 with the Raptors, and that of the American, a statistics and rebound wizard who posts, passes and defends worse than Marc, in addition to not being able to adapt his incredible numbers to the team's game. And beware, his talent is undeniable and in the eyes of Vogel, a great center coach (Hibert, Howard ...) can develop his defensive capacity and be very useful. But compared to Marc, he keeps losing. Him and many others.

The Lakers, shot in the triple

To all this, the Lakers won a very important game to the Kings. In case of losing, they would have fallen to sixth place, but without LeBron and Davis these victories are key. Kyle Kuzma had a formidable performance (30 points, with 11 of 18 from the field goal), Markieff went to 14 points, Caldwell-Pope had 13 + 10, Schröder did a little of everything (17 + 4 + 8), Harrell he helped on the rebound from the bench and Talen Horton-Tucker has returned to regain the touch of the wrist and went to 15 points. The Lakers made the free shots, something essential for them (they go 13-3 when they score more than 40% in triples, a variant in which they went to 23-1 last season, including the playoffs) and they are not discouraged in defense when they are good in attack (17 of 33 in triples, by the way). And the Kings, nothing: 26 points from Harrison Barnes and another loss that does not kill them because no one dies at all with the play-in swarming around. Things of the NBA, a world in which, as Marc Gasol says, everything can change quickly. And he knows it better than anyone.

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