Malaga: the 'Blue Arrow', on the road to salvation

Málaga is the fourth team with the highest score away from home, 27. Pellicer's team is closer to permanence. Unfortunately he loses Luis Muñoz due to injury


Málaga rolls miles. Yanis Rahmani posted on his Twitter account an image getting behind the wheel of the 'Blue Arrow', the emblematic Malaga bus that, on this occasion, transported the team from Lugo after taking a victory that puts the team very close to remaining in Second, the sole objective of Manolo Gaspar, sports director, and Sergio Pellicer, coach. The message from the Malaguista player was: "+3 and home." Against all odds, the team with the lowest salary cap in the category (2,964 million euros) already has 45 points and is closer to the playoff than relegation. Although Sergio Pellicer always says that "we must be ambitious", Gaspar has already made it clear. "First stay and then enjoy" .

The minute took the goal away from Scepovic. The arbitration document by Gálvez Rascón granted the responsibility of the important Malaguista goal to Lombán, who launched a free kick that Cantero, Lugo's goalkeeper, took from the center. The rebound was picked up by Scepovic who pushed the ball to the back of the net. A bit that was very celebrated. Although it was ultimately awarded to the captain, it should not detract from its execution. Málaga congratulates itself because it has a good gunner.

But… What if Scepovic doesn't score? Likewise, the VAR would not have received the proper tip and Lombán's goal would not have been taken into account. It is clear: since the VAR exists we cannot even celebrate birthdays.

This time they will not be able to complain about the VAR. The famous technology, which has made Málaga so successful, this time gave it a good lead. At 32 'Juan Soriano made a bad start against Manu Barreiro; the divided ball was introduced into the goal by Djaló. The play was reviewed and the goal was annulled by a more than dubious foul by the striker on the goalkeeper.

Injury of Luis Muñoz. Unfortunately, injuries continue to creep up on the team unfortunately. If last week Josua Mejías fell in combat, this time the victim has been Luis Muñoz, who suffers a muscle injury in the hamstrings of his left leg. You can miss between two and three games. A pity because when it was better.

The Benkhemassa ruling. If Málaga had not won at the Anxo Carro, the Algerian would be more famous than Cardeñosa when he missed that goal in the Argentina 78 World Cup against Brazil when he missed another against Italy in the United States 1994. Now cold, it is incomprehensible that Benkhemassa did not score that goal. It is as if it burned him to have such a clear occasion.

Efficacy away from home. Málaga already has 27 points away from La Rosaleda compared to the 18 they accumulate at home. Fourth team that has taken the most as an outsider only behind Mallorca (32), Espanyol, 29 and Almería (28). What objective could we talk about if the Blue and White team had been more efficient in their homelands?

What about Orlando Sá? The little we know is that he is treating his muscle injury in Portugal with the club's permission. Let's hope and hope that this is not the prelude to a withdrawal as happened to Flavio Ferreira. Let's wait.

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