Madrid take Istanbul with 19 triples and will fight for the title

The whites destroy Fenerbahçe with a triple record and qualify for the quarterfinal playoff for the ninth straight season. Laprovittola, Causeur and Deck, extraordinary.


A museum Madrid, which remembered its best years of Lasism, took Istanbul to the charge with the cavalry of its shooters (19 triples) and a magnificent defense (67-93). Tavares had problems, still dragging the bruise on his hip, but Tyus made a good take off, also Thompkins and Garuba, while Causeur (20 points, 5 of 9 of three) and Deck (19) embroidered it with Laprovittola on top and at the helm, imperial: 18 points, 10 assists and 29 valuation for the Argentine base. The unexpected hero.

El Real thus ended the accounts and the suffering of an agonizing regular phase final. He never stopped depending on himself and took advantage of it without hesitation on the last day: white reliability and cabal for others. He sneaks head into the quarterfinal playoff for the ninth consecutive season, a step from which he has not dropped since 2012. And now he will be sixth and will face the ogre Efes or he will be fifth and he will do it with Armani Milan from Messina and Chacho. What does it depend on? From Barça, that they beat Bayern this Friday. The culé triumph would make him climb to fifth place.

On day D and hour H, Laso's Madrid always shouts present. It had a magnificent staging, the spitting image of rigor as a team. With Laprovittola in command and Tyus four and then five without going through the bench, because the one who sat down was a Tavares limited by the hard blow to the hip that he suffered nine days ago, Madrid controlled everything. Slow play and pick and shovel until it broke through. De Colo (start) and Guduric were neutralized while Fenerbahçe missed Vesely.

At break, zero losses. One of the last three merengues in this second round of the Euroleague, the care of possessions, became a virtue (9 losses for 23 assists, a fantastic ratio). Also clear dominance of the rebound. Causeur had relieved Taylor and kept the defensive level and multiplied the offense, with a counter attack and three triples. Thompkins hit from the outside and the attack turned to the outside, much more attempts of three than two, although with an excellent aim: 10 of 21. Real corseted his adversary until he reached +20: 15-35.

De Colo replies and Llull reappears

The locals answered with two targets from a former UCAM Murcia, Jarell Eddie, and De Colo's push. The French awakened: 26-38. Lapro was taking a break and Llull was in action a month and a half after undergoing surgery (arthroscopy in the right knee). Behind, he could not with Guduric, but he held him with fouls, and with the ball ... boom, boom, a la Carroll (this time unpublished): 8 points from Mahón in 5 minutes. Abalde made the third change in the direction (Alocén had been left out of the call) and his team held the rent in a somewhat more moved pulse; still no losses. Lorenzo Brown's legs pushed Fener up, the American point guard punished Guduric like before: from the right side with space and without help.

In the resumption, Tavares committed the third personal very early, although he continued on the court. Madrid maintained the success of three while getting stuck in attack, which is not incompatible. From not misplacing any ball to adding seven only in the third period. De Colo went with everything, what a player, how much talent (23 points and 10 forced fouls). The king of the European record took air with puffs from Laprovittola, Deck (he only rested 71 seconds, the last) and Causeur, Laso's three magnificent at Ulker Sports.

At the beginning of the last quarter, there was theme: 57-67. The last visiting charge remained, the most brutal, the one that sent Fenerbahçe into the air with a 0-15 run at 3:20. A punch on the anthology table to besiege the Turkish team and force its capitulation with triples, six more unleashed for a total of 19 (of 38, 50%), a white record in the competition and a final +26 on the scoreboard. Show of strength under the scorching sun, in the title fight for another year and they are nine in a row.

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