Madrid has a mission: overwhelm the bottom and look at Europe

The whites did not fail against Gipuzkoa, who succumbed in the second quarter. Tavares rests, Tyus signs his best match and the perimeter dictates sentence.


Real Madrid has a date marked on the calendar, next Thursday, the one that will face Fenerbahce and the one that will decide its future in the Euroleague. He will do so against a rival without, with total security, one of his main figures, Jan Vesely, and with the cloak of doubt covering another, Nando de Colo. He will also do it depending on himself: if Pablo Laso's men win, they will be in the playoffs of the highest continental competition. It is inevitable to look at the date out of the corner of your eye, even more so when the opponent, who arrives thrown, is in dispute for the court factor; but you also have to look ahead. And there, today, was an Acunsa GBC that endured what it endured: a quarter. In the second, Real took off and no longer landed (97-71), with a flight that he hopes to maintain until the end of the week. Those of Pablo Laso have a mission that crosses the national border, but they do not forget what is within it: a leadership to protect and that next Sunday, in addition, can definitely decide. New Clásico, opportunity for redemption and, possibly, with a surprise guest: Pau Gasol wants to reappear on a stage at his height.

Today, Tavares was not there, who already forced against Olympiacos and remained in a safe place. Alocen, who arrived with the occasional discomfort in a finger on his left hand, was changed at the slightest sign of danger, already in the third quarter (67-46). And Gabriel Deck, Fabien Causeur and Trey Thompkins rested. The thing is not like to fool around with the casualties, now that, apparently, they have not been enough to stop the international cruise. Those who are, are, against all odds, although today calm waters were found: those of a bottom who tried to hit with Radoncic, the best of his - by far - with 19 points and 25 valuation, but who stayed a couple of wake-up calls during the first act (18-15). There his party died and there the white gale began, by land and by sea, with Tyus and Laprovittola as captains general and the perimeter as the flag.

The line of three became a constant martyrdom for the visitors. A loft from which you shot and shot, and hit and hit. Real went from making one of five attempts in the first quarter to six of eleven in the second. At the end of the game, 14 of 31, 45% in the precision that, had it been for Rudy and Lapro, would have been much higher. The first, four out of four, with the odd dance before the shot and with that rank so his and within the reach of so few; the second, four of eight, being also the compass of the crew (seven assists) and the leader in the absence of the giant who, when he is, monopolizes everything. All this, together with a Vukcevic who, every minute on the track, accumulates more times to combine in the present (7 points and 3 assists); and an Abalde who has taken root for a long time (17 + 5 + 3) .

Tyus comes to the call

Above everyone, however, the news was on Alex Tyus. That pivot who came to give rest to an Edy who, according to Laso himself, they were going to "kill" based on binge-watching. Today, Walter had to rest, yes or yes, not like other times, watching out for the most dangerous fires. Tyus made him forget, if that's possible: 20 points, with 90% accuracy, and 7 rebounds for a PIR of 26. Imperial version. Similar to the one that, not so long ago, championed that Europe that now looms and that made him a white executioner in 2014. He arrives in time to get on the boat.

The bench, meanwhile, was enjoying himself. Suffering will come. Three minutes from the end, time out and, on the visiting side, despite the score, no cry. The silence of defeat. In this case, of the one who has done what he could, but has not given. Faggiano, timidly, was the only one who tried to accompany Dino; Okouo, the soul of the first act, was the perfect metaphor for the Gipuzkoan match and Magarity, which left us with pride. Being bottom and before the leader, the slope is of Tourmalet. Pablo Laso, however, is Pablo Laso: even if it rains or shines the most intense sun. A partial of 0-5 (67-51) at the beginning of the last act made his voice boom, today especially, in an empty WiZink. Tyus broke it with a mate, the fifth for him in the match: his match. It was not a great pass, but today he did everything especially and rarely (at least from what I have seen so far) well. Garuba, who does not stop gaining weight, joined the triple party to bury any hint of rebellion. The same that characterizes him and the one that the whites must show on Thursday. That number on the calendar must be marked in green. It's the mission.

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