Luka Doncic decides a solitary duel without triples against Westbrook

The Mavericks suffocated the Wizards in the second half, where they only allowed 40 points, and took the victory out of the capital.


The Mavericks did not want to risk losing this game and put one of the two big stars to play. In this case it was Luka Doncic who was seen in the lineup and Kristaps Porzingis watched the game from outside. Two straight games in two nights is not easy and in Dallas they have taken the breaks seriously to avoid problems, but the results had thrown losses that could come back to their memory in the future. In Washington DC and before some Wizards who are one of the sweets of the NBA, he had to put some meat on the grill so that dinner would taste like glory. And with Rick Carlisle on the bench, back after learning that his case was a false positive for coronavirus and he was fit to train again. On the opposite side to the West, on the premises, Russell Westbrook also saw his battle partner, Bradley Beal, from further away than usual: the league's leading scorer warmed up, but his inclusion in the game was ruled out. by order of the recuperators.

The duel was served. The duel of improvable shooting teams. And that Doncic has improved in the last two months, and substantially, helping the Mavs to be on top thanks to that and a few other things. And you saw what it was. Between the two they got a single triple, one from the Slovenian, in eleven attempts. He failed the prediction on the triple-double: Westbrook did arrive, Doncic was a few steps away. Chascarrillos aside, this confrontation was the one that put the pepper to a night focused on other tasks.

Powell played again, with Porzingis out, but Marjanovic took the Latvian's place as the Mavericks' starter at the center position and did so with 15 points and 12 rebounds and +14 on the court, managing one of his most outstanding performances. positive in the NBA. With two other level drops such as those of Kleber and Richardson, more space for other players to have a leading role. Melli and Finney-Smith delivered well and as a backup it was one of those Jalen Brunson nights, not only for scoring 19 points but for sustaining the team on Doncic's breaks. With that cocktail the Mavericks reached the fourth consecutive victory, which gives them a lot of air in the middle zone of their conference.

Doncic played for Marjanovic in the first bars and a gap was opened, stitched with fast plays by some Wizards who were going to feel more at ease so in the static throughout the game. A couple of positive actions gave the Mavs the lead in the first quarter, a couple of negative actions took it away at the start of the second. Everything was very even. The locals also triangulated and made it difficult for the Texans, but they had Luka plugged in at the right point and before the break the scoring ability in difficult situations and the director's plot that the Ljubljana treasures began to be decisive. There he had still left.

Doncic would finish the game with 26 points, being the leading scorer along with Westbrook. Although Brooks put Garrison Matthews, who is a starter for that, as a brake on Luka, when some sparks flew it was when he measured himself with Russell. On one play in particular, the Slovenian fell badly from the force of the foul, although Westbrook instantly apologized. It was frustration. In the second half of the game, the Wizards scored only 20 points in each quarter, thus making themselves out of any option for victory. Doncic even had to retire early, as the game was seen for sentencing midway through the fourth period.

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