Logroñés needs to resurface to escape relegation

Los Blanquirrojos host Tenerife in a catastrophic streak of 12 games without a win and only 10 points added from the last 57 possible.


The first season of Unión Deportiva Logroñés in Second is anything but boring. Los Blanquirrojos and Almería have the best consecutive winning streak in the category, with six. They are also even with Zaragoza for the worst dynamic without adding three points, with twelve games. Today they host Tenerife with the intention of cutting that negative spiral, which has led them to become the team with the largest goal difference against: -19. In the last 19 days they have only achieved one win (on January 2, 2-1 at Mirandés), none in the second round, and they total ten out of 57 possible points. And surprisingly enough, they are still out of the descent thanks to their mighty November.

The lower zone is tightening ... and the Riojans urge to win. Against Zaragoza and Ponfe they did not go beyond the tie, although they started ahead on the scoreboard and raised the level in defense and attack, with an intensity and a success practically disappeared in combat since Mallorca stopped them at the gates of December. Sergio Rodríguez repeated the line-up in both games, and maybe it will happen again, which shows the importance of this week. Resurface and catch oxygen; fall and more pain. Iñaki, author of the two goals in El Toralín, Paulino and Nano Mesa will put the danger up, and Bogusz, after his call with Poland Under-21, and Pacheco can return to the list to provide more overflow and alternatives. If Sergio has them. Leo Ruiz, MVP for November, now has a secondary role. Only Santamaría, Errasti and Clemente remain in the infirmary, but a yellow card would lead to suspension for five players: Bobadilla, Petcoff, Andy, Iñaki and Siddiki.

Meanwhile, the base camp of 50 points, a very apt description by Martín Marrero several years ago, is Tenerife's first goal. If they win at Las Gaunas, the Blue and Whites would stay on track and look at the final stretch with different eyes, in which they will try (although it does not seem easy) to hunt down the playoff. For this reason, victory is considered essential, despite the fact that away from home it is harder for Ramis's team to prevail. For this occasion, the coach has to make changes in his defense, since the two starting centrals in the derby (Carlos Ruiz and Sipcic) are sanctioned, so all the ballots point to Alberto and Bruno Wilson. The rest of the eleven should not suffer too many alterations, but there may be some. Sam Shashoua has been asking for a clue when he comes in from the bench, just like Valera. They are both gamers, although Ramis does not finish seeing them from the beginning. What must end is Logroñés' winless streak if he intends to avoid big problems.

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