Lenovo Tenerife takes hold in third place

The island team did not have many problems to get rid of Movistar Estudiantes. Marcelinho became the second best assistant in the history of the ACB.


Lenovo Tenerife obtained this Sunday an important victory over Movistar Estudiantes (101-77) in a game that they dominated from the beginning and making a very high-level basketball.

The Canarian team maintained a good percentage of success, especially in the first two quarters, against an unapologetic opponent.

The first two periods were of a high percentage of successes in the launches, with a Lenovo Tenerife very involved in the crash, but the Estudiantes were not far behind.Despite the fact that Lenovo Tenerife started with a 0-2 after baskets by Avramovic, Txus Vidorreta's team soon took the lead and with a 12-2 run they took control of the crash.With many casualties in their squad, the Madrid team tried to cut the offensive streak of Lenovo Tenerife and, for the moment, they succeeded and reached three points (31-28) after two consecutive triples scored by Djurisic.

The appearance of Marcelinho Huertas put things in their place. The Brazilian point guard took his team and the game wherever he wanted. He scored, directed and assisted to put Lenovo Tenerife back with a clear advantage (40-28) and, later, reach a difference of 20 points (56-36), the highest so far. The break was reached with 56-41.

In the third quarter, Movistar Estudiantes continued to seek to turn the scoreboard, pushing more on the offensive rebound.

But that improvement in the rebound was not accompanied by the external success. The Movistar Estudiantes lowered its percentages of successes which prevented it from reducing the differences in the electronic one.

The Lenovo Tenerife with a 69-47 (min. 24) had the score in its favor and although its level of success was not the same as the first two quarters, it clearly dominated.

With 78-56 the last quarter began, a period where Angel Delgado and Djurisic stood out from Estudiantes but with a Lenovo Tenerife that did not allow his rival to get close.

The Lenovo Tenerife thus ends an important day, not only because of its victory against Movistar Estudiantes, but also because of the defeat of the TD System Baskonia that allows it to consolidate in third place.

Photos from as.com

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